10 Things I Learned From My Fearless Mother

She has done it all for you and then some. Just a simple “thank you” will never be enough to encompass the vast amount of “Help me do this,” “I just don’t understand this,” and “I really need you right now” statements that you have constantly thrown her way. Your mom is a true angel in her own right and has guided and molded you into the fighter you are today. I didn’t realize there was someone always there for me even when I didn’t want them to be, but it was her, and now that I’m taking my final lap of senior year, I have plenty of moments and lessons to be thankful for.

1. Giving is Sacrificing

As old as the saying of “putting others before yourself” is, it is beyond accurate; it has made me the patient human being I am today. Sometimes you can feel trapped in your own wants and needs and not even acknowledge those around you. Between church, family and school, my mother has always been there to remind me that those around you matter and you should never take them for granted.  

2. Be bold in your ideas

Yes, be bold! I was so shy going through high school, but my mom has always told me to dream big and not let what others are doing influence my own big dreams. You will always be your own person, so the opinions of others around you should never let you sway from your own paved path to greatness. Find that moment to shine and take it!  

3. Time will heal

Time will tell the truth, but time will also heal the wounded. Your heart will get broken and you will find obstacles in your path. Give time where time is needed and your heart will always thank you.  

4. Life will break you down sometimes

Schedules will collide and those around you will think you are losing touch, but those true to you will never leave your side. You will fall and there is just no denying it so why should anyone tell you otherwise? Knowing the truth will only build the fighter within you and reassure you that your moment to shine will come.  

5. Find the balance

Volunteer, be helpful and enjoy every moment of your journey to the great beyond. It is the most rewarding feeling giving back to those in need and it will always put a smile on your face. Be empathetic toward others, but also be a self-motivator. If you can lift your own self up, by god you can fill the hearts of so many around you.


6. Forgive

As the years go by, you will have the opportunity to welcome new faces into your life while also saying goodbye way too many times. Release toxic friendships and forgive and forget those old inconsiderate arguments over nothing at all. Keep your heart whole and strong through life’s constant changes and don’t forget to listen because you may just discover the peace of mind you have been looking for.  

7. You are only a failure if you fail to try again

Disappointment comes at a price. You will be pushed because it is certain you can handle it. My mom has always supported my ambitions, and because of this, I’m even more motivated than ever before to succeed. Constructive criticism will always be just another idea or opinion that you should openly listen to, especially coming from a friend. Those around you will support you if you are willing to support them and get right back up from a downfall. No event will ever take place and say, “That’s right, now you are done.” You will forever be given the chance to fight again, so do it.  

8. Never, ever stop laughing

I definitely get my sense of humor from my mom. She sure has a memorable laugh and never takes anything too seriously. All of those beautiful little moments you experience are worth experiencing again and again, just like laughing. Have a laugh and share a laugh. It is so good for you and your smile never looks better than when you are laughing.  

9. When in doubt, handle it yourself

Independence is more than just a characteristic; it is your inner superpower as a woman driven for success. Do not depend on those around you to get you to where you want to be. You will always have to make your own mistakes and your own decisions. When life doubts your dreams, tell it you have your own plans. Be the opportunist and never settle. You are capable of so much more than you will ever imagine.  

10. Connect with Caribou  

I know you are thinking, “Connect with Caribou? What does that mean?” I say this because in the scheme of it all, we tend to get lost. When I dreamed of becoming a senior in college, I definitely didn’t expect it to be filled with club meetings, a crazy work schedule and constant networking, but once it came, my stress level rose and I started to lose connection. My mother really enjoys Caribou and her eyes just light up at the sight of a Turtle Mocha Cooler. That feeling of gratitude and happiness we both feel is something you should always be motivated toward.

Never lose touch with those who love you and those who have given you the strength to do all the wonderful things you have accomplished. Reconnect with a common interest and show appreciation for the little things. And above all else be fearless, because she wouldn’t want you to be any other way.