A Year in Review: 2010

This Saturday the senior class at Williams College will celebrate the final weeks of their collegiate career with the Hundred Days Dance. The theme this year is “My Super Sweet 20(16),” a throwback to the petty extravagance of MTV’s hit TV show, “My Super Sweet Sixteen.” In honor of this nostalgic theme, here are some of the highlights of many of ours’ 16th year of life, 2010:

Angry Birds swept the nation, consuming 200 million minutes of playtime in 2010.

Third time's a charm? Maybe not for Twilight; “Eclipse” the third film in the series rocked movie theaters in 2010.

The “Jersey Shore” moved to Miami for their final season.

Apple completed their holy trilogy of conspicuous consumption with the release of the iPad.

“Lost” was finally lost to television and signed off air with its finale episode, “The End.”

Sarah Palin gleefully observed Russia from her backyard in her single season of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” while Bristol danced with the stars.

The South Africa World Cup brought vuvuzelas to football games and pep rallies everywhere, while Paul the Octopus’ became famous for correctly predicted the outcomes of 8 tournament matches with his snack choices.

Inception left us wondering if it was all a dream, and topped the movie charts along with The Social Network, and the deeply emotional Toy Story 3.

CeeLo Green released a timeless anthem for jilted lovers. “I see you ridin’ round town with the girl I love and I’m like Fuck you!”

My very own senator, Lindsey Graham promoted repealing the 14th Amendment, granting citizenship to those born on U.S. soil,  to prevent an “anchor baby” epidemic.

Facebook Instant Messages became a part of our lives forever. 

This fantastic meltdown by a JetBlue flight attendant became an internet sensation.

Kanye released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and really hurt George Bush’s feelings when he called him a racist.

Tiger Woods apologizes to the world for cheating on his wife.

Lady Gaga wore her infamous meat dress to the MTV VMAs.


LeBron James made the big Decision to move to Miami Heat from the Cleveland Knicks.

Simon Cowell left American Idol to wilt into obscurity.

A Real Housewife of DC shocked America when she crashed a White House Party with her husband.

Youtube turns 5 and bring us the Bed Intruder Song and the Annoying Orange.

Justin Bieber turned 16 and his voice begins to crack just as Bieber Fever reaches new heights. We all wondered if he’d make it past puberty, clearly he has. Good on ya Biebs.

And who can forget the cinematic genius that was the Demon Sheep Ad from future presidential candidate Carly Fiorina?

Time has flown by the past six years, let’s be sure to make the most of it in the years to come