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Three. That is how many sisters I have. They are all younger than me and we are all pretty close in age –  three of us are now in college. Oddly enough, all of them are taller than me (which doesn’t bother me at all). One thing about sisters is that no matter how many you have, they will always, always “borrow” your clothes.

In highschool, oftentimes, one of my sisters would go to school wearing a huge hoodie, but when I would see her in our school’s hallways, the hoodie would be gone and, low and behold, she would be wearing one of my favorite shirts. Of course, all of my sisters would take turns mastering this little trick, and I, easily gullible, would always fall for it. (My oblivion was probably due to the early hour at which we had to wake up for school.) Although, I can’t really complain because I would borrow their clothing too. 

One amazing aspect of having so many sisters is that I have 3 different opinions when I ask for their opinions on certain things. However, this can also be a problem, because they can never decide on one answer.

I am so grateful for all of my sisters. They always have my back and I can always count on them to help me feel better whenever I am down. 

When we are all home for the holidays, the house is full. My parents. 4 young women. One fluffy dog. 100% chaotic energy. I love it. I feel happy and at ease. Although we can get on each other’s nerves, in all honesty, we love each others’ company.


Gabrielle Wolfe

Williams '20

My name is Gabrielle Wolfe and I am from Long Island, New York. I am a senior at Williams College majoring in Chemistry.
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