Traveling Tips

For some of us, the place we call home is not just a simple car ride away from our college campuses. You might be switching time zones, experiencing drastic temperature changes, or flying across the entire country. What this means, then, especially around the holidays, is that you will be spending a great deal of time at the airport. I’m here to tell you some tips on how to make the time spent at various airports pass by a bit more quickly.


For those of us who are social butterflies, strike up a conversation! This summer I was flying from Minneapolis to New York City and met a woman who was 60 years old and had never been on a plane. Ever! She and I ended up getting along and I felt helpful when I helped her through everything --  security, boarding, baggage claim, you name it. You never know who you might meet at an airport, especially when you are sharing destinations.


For those of us who are less socially inclined, and if time permits, explore! Recently, I have had lots of layovers in airports I hadn’t been in before. I found it to be pretty interesting to walk the length of my concourse and look at the different stores and even people watch.


When in the air, I love the idea of being unplugged (unless you have in-flight WiFi … that’s a different story). It is the perfect time to crack open a book, write those thank you cards you have been meeting write, or even listen to music and close your eyes without having to worry about incoming notifications.


Although traveling might be a drag, being at the airport can be a time of important self-reflection and productivity, especially when you are traveling alone. So, next time you find half of your day is taken up by plane travel, consider doing something new on the plane and at the airport. Besides, you can always watch your downloaded TV episodes whenever you want. For those to which it applies, I hope your upcoming airport experiences are fresh, safe, and new!