Top 5 Spring Break Destinations for College Students on a Budget

Your spring semester has started and has probably hit you pretty hard, especially after Winter Study. Whether you’re drowning in problem sets or have terrible writer’s block, it might not be a terrible idea to start looking for something to look forward to. What’s better than planning a fun Spring Break getaway with your friends?! The only problem is that travel can be expensive so I have done some research and found some sun-filled trips that are fun and affordable!


1) Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is an amazing spring break destination averaging 70+ degrees throughout March. The beaches are beautiful and the water is crystal clear. Plus, it is a hot spot for college kids during Spring Break so you are bound to find some fun parties!


2) Jacksonville Beach, Florida


Jacksonville Beach has something to offer for every type of person. Whether you want to watch the beautiful sunrise or bake in the sun or try a bunch of different yummy restaurants, this place is for you! Plus, there is a weekend bar scene that lots of college students partake in.


3) Key West, Florida


Key West is the epitome of a relaxing vacation: the water is clear, the people are laid-back, and there is absolutely no traffic. You can definitely find nightlife, but you will need to ask some locals and do some research online! 100%  a beautiful place to visit after a stressful first few weeks of Spring Semester.


4) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One of the biggest draws to Myrtle Beach are the attractions, such as the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Family Kingdom AMusement Park. Plus, there is endless shopping, dining, nightlife, and music festivals. The weather can be in the 60s, which may seem a bit chilly for Florida but trust me, with everything else Myrtle Beach has to offer, you will not be disappointed!


5) The Outer Banks, North Carolina


If you’re more in the mood to do some exploring over Spring Break, The Outer Banks may definitely be for you! From historical lighthouses to beautiful state parks, The Outer Banks has so many wonderful things to offer. Although it may not be as warm as a destination in Florida, the beaches are absolutely pristine so feel free to wear a hoodie and make a campfire with your friends!


Now it’s time to pick a destination, get through these next few weeks of school, order some new bikinis, and get ready for an amazing, relaxing vacation!