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Top 3 Best Productivity Apps/Websites

We have all been there. Just one more episode. Just one more TikTok. The assignment deadline is coming closer and closer. And yet here we are, procrastinating until the very last minute.

I may not be able to give you scientific tips on how to stop procrastinating, because I am facing the same issue, but what I can give you are some of the best tools on your computers, tablets, and phones that may help minimize procrastination. In other words, you should read this article while procrastinating on your work to find out how to procrastinate less on your work…

Here are the top 3 apps and websites on your devices that you absolutely need to download, because they are just THAT awesome:

3) In need of a beautiful to-do list app? No need to fear because Tweek is here. Tweek is a minimalist, simple, and most importantly, FREE to-do app available online and on the app store. It is relatively new, so it is not well-known, but it is so easy to use and pleasant to look at. It provides you with tools to plan out your whole week, and it is super intuitive. When I say my perfectionism was cured by this app, I truly mean it.

2) Calendars? To-Do lists? Notes? Better yet, all of these combined? Look no further than Notion. This app has super customizable features that are helpful for students. You can use it for anything: workout plans, class notes, you name it. It is also free but can come with a paid version if you love it so much. Check it out!

1) Drumroll please…. What’s better than a to-do list and Notion you may ask? Well well well, may I present to you the most underrated website of all time: lofi.cafe. This website, with its beautiful gifs, amazing lofi beats, and luxurious vibes, will keep you working for hours without distraction. You NEED this website, you just don’t know it yet. Welcome to the future of productivity, because this website is going to change your life. 

Hopefully you are able to check out my recommendations, as they are truly quality tools. Good luck on your studies everyone!

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