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Selena A. Castro ’17

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Williams chapter.


Name: Selena A. Castro

Year: 2017

Major: Chemistry and American Studies

Hometown: Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Philadelphia, PA

Relationship Status: Single

Yourself in three words: curious, loving, and persistent

Things you look for in a relationship? In a relationship, my number one rule is that we both owe each other honesty and loyalty. We should support each other wholeheartedly, be each other’s number one fans, and laugh together day and night.

Describe your ideal date: My ideal date is going to the beach and eating all of the food that we possibly can together. That being said, I’d cherish something as simple as watching TV with the right person.

Favorite location on campus? The Green River when it’s warm and my bed when it’s cold.

Best pick-up line? Are you part copper and tellurium? Because you’re sodium CuTe ;)

Michella is a senior at Williams College, majoring in Political Science. When she's not reading up on political theories, you'll catch Michella singing with her a capella group on campus or helping folks out at the front desk in the science library.