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I let ChatGPT write my article: here’s how it went…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Williams chapter.

With the rising use of Artificial Intelligence models such as ChatGPT I began contemplating the future of writing platforms such as HerCampus. What kind of impact will this have on writing these articles? Will people use it to help aid them in writing? Will it be individual, personal, and connective as it has been? To answer these questions I went straight to the source. I had a ‘conversation’ with ChatGPT about what it thought and asked it to help me write this article.

The following is a screenshot of our conversation.

YsokxRzlYeC OwaidMFeoa2LbzqZoKX4sGEWqqqPiReV8G64KTYAwtyGqxEKlJDhnGy2xlTzxHsrz8L5cKmwbLxnf3DwVm3nSlrMs7apeNEID AphsF8fi nbuDXMy5Y9V7eROMQNik3QStZQiYYniE

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sZvILuvBH6bIy3h71lmrL 5euOyRNHcuQREF3xACdIUz0DwJQavpnqPV1pwpodTqgqgYLuo4yF4 U9tyT2tksh8ZDJS AjatGEfbJP 8XshnZHBUWNaGhicRv Ugu8m GoPlgkSd69fTATbQZqBnd4Q

Here is it’s attempt at my article.


I hope this helps clear up some of the blurriness surrounding AI. It is promising the strides that AI is making towards helping us and I believe that it will be an instrumental tool in helping us research and write in the same way the creation of the internet was revolutionary.

Hannah Hurtado

Williams '25

I am a prospective triple major at Williams College with various passions for mental health, community activism, and equal rights protection. I hope that my work reflects this and helps educate and uplift the women around me.