Homecoming in Williamstown


Hey Ephs! Hope you all had an amazing homecoming weekend! Homecoming is arguably one of the best weekends at Williams College, and in honor of this year’s victory, I am here to tell you all the obvious reasons why: 

  1. The community! The old, the young, and everyone in between gathers to come together and show some college spirit

  2. This is one of the few days of the year where Williamstown feels like a college town -- live it up while you can! 

  3. Seeing all the alumni come back and celebrate like they never left

  4. WHEN we win, the football team’s march and chant down spring street, or, as they call it, “The Walk”

  5. … Toward the Barber Shop, where every sorry freshman gets to kiss their well-kept hair goodbye… Quite a sight to see! 

  6.  Seeing the (occasional) famous Williams alumni *cough cough Dylan Barbour* 

  7. Looking and feeling completely normal in a sea of purple and cow print

  8. Being able to yell “Moo!” and “Go Ephs!” and “Bow chicka Cow Cow!” (a personal favorite) without being questioned

  9. Beating Amherst! Because who doesn’t love that? 


So, when this weekend rolls around next year, whether you’re still a student or you have graduated, soak it all in. Williamstown is a pretty special place, and that gets illuminated on special weekends like Homecoming. And if you don’t believe me, ask anyone who has graduated. This past weekend, they all told me how much they miss the purple valley and quaint little Williamstown. Let’s enjoy it while we can!