Apps I Downloaded Since Coming to College

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Since the end of August, when I first came to college, I have changed and learned many new things, including which apps to use for procrastination, communication, and entertainment. Here are some of the apps I’ve downloaded since coming to college.

Yik Yak – Of course, I’ll start with one of the most popular apps for college students. I had heard of Yik Yak before college but had never used it. Now I have a high yakarma score (34544, as of right now). I check this app constantly for instant access to recent campus news, updates, jokes, memes, questions, confessions, help, solidarity, discussions, and anything I or anyone else wants to share anonymously with everyone in the area who has the app.

Kik – Since Yik Yak does not have private messaging (maybe they will change that!), I saw other people asking for or posting their kik so they could disclose their identities to each other but not publicly. I have only used this a handful of times but I keep it for its potential future usefulness.

GroupMe – Speaking of communication, this is one of the first new apps I downloaded when I got on campus. I had never heard of GroupMe until my JAs told me about it when they created one for our entry. It is nice to be able to message anyone who is in a group with me, even if I do not have their number in my phone’s Contacts. This app can potentially connect the entire campus through mutual friends.

DownToLunch – A few weeks ago, one of my friends sent me an invitation to download this app. Basically, you can send a message to your friends who have the app and ask them to go to lunch or do a variety of other activities with you. This app is not all that popular yet but maybe it will grow in popularity. I could see it being useful for inviting someone (such as a crush), who you are unsure of how to ask otherwise, to hang out with you.

Hungry Eph – I remember my first time going to Snack Bar and overhearing the people in front of me talking about this app. I was so grateful to them for this. Eavesdropping saved my shy self from having to ask how ordering at snack bar works and I could decide what I wanted before getting to the front of the line. I also use it sometimes to choose which dining hall’s food I want to eat based on their daily menu.

Domino’s – Still on the topic of food, Domino’s is one of the few chain restaurants around here where you can order food at almost any time, especially during that gap between lunch and dinner or after Snack Bar closes at night. I never used to eat Domino’s but now I recently got a free pizza as part of their rewards for ordering from them enough times.

Venmo – More on spending money… Because there are few banks around here, I hardly have cash so I can use this app as an alternative. I use it to send money to friends when we split the cost of something or when they go to the store for me.

Amazon – Lastly, I am finally able to take advantage of the free 6 months of Amazon Prime as a college student! Since I rarely leave campus, I usually order whatever I want from Amazon and then I pick it up from the mailroom two days later. (Free shipping ftw)