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Your Perfect St. Patty’s Day Outfit

It’s a well-known tradition in Waterloo that we go all-out for St. Patrick’s Day. No matter snow, rain, or shine, you best believe Laurier students will be flooding the streets decked out in green. Check out some of our favorite items to help build your perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit!

Hair Accessory 

Starting from the top, our first favorite piece for St. Patty’s is a cute little hair accessory. Bows are always a great option. How cute are these? These bows are handmade and can be purchased from a local Waterloo store called “Luster & Oak”.

Festive Shirt 

Of course, a festive shirt is the most important piece of your St.Patty’s Day outfit. You can wear something super casual; as long as you are sporting some sort of festive shirt, you’re still showing your spirit! There are tons of places to get a St. Patrick’s Day shirt. This shirt specifically is from Victoria Secret “PINK”. If you’re not looking to venture too far to find a shirt, check out the Laurier bookstore, they always have cute stuff for the occasion!

Green Bottoms 

Depending on how festive you plan on being, you can add green bottoms to your outfit. Green skinny jeans or an adorable green circle skirt are classy, and not cheesy. Jeans are a great day option, and then you can throw on a little green skirt for your night plans. 

St. Patrick’s Day Nail Designs


A minor, yet still important accessory to St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget your nails! Painting your nails to suit the holiday is super fun and cute. Don’t worry if you’re not the most creative or talented when it comes to painting your nails; there’s tons of tutorials online to help you!

Green Makeup Look

Last but not least, a subtle or dramatic makeup look can take your outfit to the next level. You can either do a little green eyeliner and a little shadow if you want a more subtle look, or you can go all out and add different shades of green and blue, add some sparkles, stickers, and voila! Check out some YouTube tutorials for some inspiration and assistance.

We at Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier hope these ideas assist you in building your best St. Patrick’s Day outfit yet! Have a safe, fun, and memorable St. Patty’s, Golden Hawks! 

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