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Your Marvel Character Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac signs are a fun way to depict your persona and qualities. As a firm believer in horoscopes, I question the zodiac signs of the people around me. Wondering the Zodiac signs of those around me has led me to inquire about the signs of my favourite fictional characters. Millions of fans around the world recognize and love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In honour of being a huge admirer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Zodiac signs, this is your Marvel character based on your Zodiac sign!

Aries- Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)

Aries are passionate, motivated and confident leaders. I decided that Carol is an Aries. Carol is an Aries because of her passion and motivation to keep the multicide of planets safe. Carol has passion and drive that exude her confidence and conviction as a capable leader. The rest of the Avengers were intimidated by her confidence when they first met her! If you are an Aries, Captain Marvel is your Marvel character!

Taurus- Black Panther (T’Challa)

A Taurus is graceful in everything they do in their lives. A Taurus is also a hard worker with a strong need for social fulfillment. T’Challa holds the position of King of Wakanda. T’Challa excels in his duty as king, graciously leading his country with pride. He also establishes meaningful friendships and social gratification with his people. Therefore, if you are a Taurus, I think you radiate Black Panther energy!

Gemini- Iron Man (Tony Stark) 

Geminis are witty, clever and versatile. Tony is a social butterfly. He is always the centre of attention and has no problem with it. His playful side is prone to come out in any given circumstance. Tony is also intellectually curious. Before being Iron Man, he was a mechanical engineer, so Tony also desires to learn and invent. He is so versatile he made his own Iron Man suit! Overall, if you are a Gemini, I think your Marvel character is Iron Man.  

Cancer- Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Cancers are naturally nurturing, sensitive, compassionate and security-seeking. Steve Rogers overall fulfills these traits. Steve is a nurturing person. Before becoming Captain America, the Avenger, he simply served as a symbol of hope for American civilians during WWII. Steve is also compassionate. He is compassionate because he is always willing to help people in need. Steve is a security-seeking person because he has a small group of close people in his life (Peggy and Bucky). For these reasons, if you are a Cancer, I believe that your Marvel character is Cap! 

Leo- Thor (Thor Odinson)

Leos are compassionate, big-hearted, driven and are natural-born leaders. Thor has a BIG personality. He understands people close to him despite the troubles they may cause. His big heart allows him to forgive and care for the people in his life (Loki). Thor is determined to win every battle he fights. Although he went through some hardships in his life (particularly in End Game), he can always bounce back. Furthermore, Thor is a natural-born leader. For example, he completely took charge of the Star Lords ship during Infinity War. It took him nothing to grab attention and lead! Overall, if you are a Leo, I believe your Marvel character is Thor.

Virgo- Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Virgos are humble, quiet and sensible. Peter is, first and foremost, a quiet and submissive person. He is furthermore discreet because he does not like drawing attention to himself. Peter was also SO concerned with people finding out his identity and worried about the reactions of others. Overall, he wants to keep a low profile, like a Virgo. Peter is also a practical guy. He displays his practicality through his math and science skills. He even uses these skills to help take people out like Doctor Strange! Therefore, Peter Parker is a Virgo. If you are a Virgo, your Marvel character is Spider-Man.

Libra- War Machine (James “Rhodey” Rhodes)

Libras are outgoing, charming and friendly people. These characteristics define Rhodey. First off, he has an extroverted personality. Rhodey, as a Libra, is also a nice person. As a result of his friendliness, he can form connections with many people at ease! Rhodey can connect with many people because of his warm energy. In the end, your Marvel character is War Machine if you are a Libra!

Scorpio- Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

Scorpios are bold on the outside while passionate on the inside. Scorpios are also mystical, creative and loyal. Natasha is unmistakably a Scorpio. On the outside, Natasha is bold and intimidating. However, on the inside, Natasha is passionate and sensitive. Natasha is passionate about her role as an Avenger and loyal to the people she loves. Natasha displays her loyalty when sacrificing her life in End Game for the lives of others. Her gentle side shines through in her dedication and enthusiasm for the work she undertakes to ensure the safety of others. If you are a Scorpio, I think your Marvel character is Black Widow. 

Sagittarius- Hulk (Bruce Banner)

I think that Bruce Banner is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius individuals are truth seekers, loyal and compassionate people. Bruce is a genius and one of the most intelligent characters in the MCU. Bruce is a scientist and has also contributed to many projects for the Avengers. He searches for the truth in his findings. Bruce is also a loyal friend and is always there for other people. Since he is compassionate, he is also putting the needs of others before his own (when he is in control of himself). Primarily, if you are a Sagittarius, your Marvel character is the Hulk!

Capricorn- Hawkeye (Clint Barton)

Clint Barton is a Capricorn. Capricorns are ambitious, goal-oriented and organized. As a father and archer, Clint is ambitious. Overall, he has the will to figure a way through tough times. His ambitious persona furthermore contributes to his goal-oriented mindset. When Clint wants to achieve something, he will put his mind to it and try his best to achieve it. Finally, Clint is a very organized person. Although his career as an archer working alongside the Avengers is a consuming job, he still makes time to spend time with his family. His close relationship with his family proves how organized he is as a person. Overall, if you are a Capricorn, your Marvel character is Hawkeye.  

Aquarius- Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) 

An Aquarius is a self-reliant, intellectual and astute zodiac sign. Wanda is a self-contained person. Wanda has had lost a lot of people in her life. However, Wanda is self-sufficient and takes care of herself. Wanda is also advanced in her magic powers. Being one of the strongest avengers, she always contributes a ton in battles. An Aquarius is also clever. Her ability to use her magic talents and ability to be hands-on in action demonstrates her cleverness. If you are an Aquarius, I believe Scarlet Witch is your Marvel character!

Pisces- Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes)

Pisces are emotionally aware, sensitive and tremendously honest. I think that Bucky is a Pisces. First off, Bucky is emotionally aware. Being emotionally aware ultimately gets him through the traumatic events he has endured throughout the years. His emotional awareness also reflects his loyalty and sensitivity as a friend, particularly to Steve (Pisces and Cancer also have GREAT friendship compatibility)! Although he can be dangerous, he is sensitive towards people he is close with, such as Steve and Falcon. Finally, Bucky is an honest person. He has no issue with speaking up when the truth needs light. The Winter Soldier is your Marvel character if you are a Pisces!

Overall, I believe that Zodiac signs project who we are as people. Zodiac signs are also fun to read into looking at yourself and other people! The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a well-known film franchise that many people, including myself, like. With my love for Zodiac signs and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, those are my conclusions on what I think your Marvel character is, based on your Zodiac sign! 

Sophia Guardado

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Sophia is an English Literature student at Wilfrid Laurier University. On her free time, you will catch her reading books, taking long nature walks or at the gym!