Your Guide to Fall & Winter Fashion Trends 2020

Fall and winter fashion trends are continuously changing and new styles are seen every year. This year, a few specific trends are standing out and everyone should know about them!

1. Shackets

Shackets, or shirt-jackets, are huge this year! As a typical flannel isn’t quite warm enough, shackets have an interior lining to keep you nice and toasty. A cute and casual look would be pairing a hoodie with a shacket on top and simple pants such as leggings or jeans. Some places I’ve seen them recently are H&M, Zara and Garage!

2. Argyle

This isn’t necessarily a clothing item itself but a print! Argyle has made a huge comeback and is all over Instagram these days. This pattern is super versatile; it can be used for a preppy look with a mini skirt and sneakers, or for a more sophisticated look with a nice pair of pants! I believe the best place to find an argyle-printed sweater is to thrift them (and it’s sustainable)!

3. Chunky boots

Knee-highs are out, and chunky boots are in! This popular style is taking over Pinterest and Instagram with its versatile look. A nice pair of black chunky boots can be styled either as edgy with a leather jacket or simple and casual with blue jeans! The most popular pairs I’ve seen are from Zara, ASOS and Steve Madden.

4. Leather

Speaking of leather jackets, this material is everywhere this year! Whether it’s leather pants, jackets, skirts or boots, whatever you can get your hands on is guaranteed to have you looking trendy. Thrifting is definitely the best way to find affordable and well-worn-in leather!

5. Collared shirts + crewnecks

You’ve probably seen this trend before on social media but it’s too cute to pass up. Pairing your favourite crewneck sweater with a collar peeking out from underneath is the easiest way to make your outfit go from typical to preppy and cute. There are even brands such as Zara that are selling half-shirts with a collar, so you don’t have to wear another full layer under your sweater on warmer days!

6. Baggy jeans

The classic skinny jean is slowly fading, and baggy or straight-leg jeans are all the rage. A cute cropped t-shirt and baggy jeans bunched up on the top of your sneakers is such an easy, stylish look! My personal favourite is the BDG “high-waisted baggy jean”. This specific pair fits the waist so well but gets slouchy on the legs for a more laid-back look.

P.S. Although I gave a few options for where to shop for these styles, the most sustainable way is through thrifting or second-hand. Check out my friend Avery on Instagram (@am.finds) for the cutest second-hand clothes! She’s always up to date with the trends, and her prices are amazing!

Fall and winter fashion is all about staying warm while maintaining a cute look. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you up your wardrobe this year!