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Zendaya Coleman, a 24-year old Emmy-winning actress, is just getting started. With over 79 million Instagram followers and 18 million followers on Twitter, the well-known actress is certainly making a name for herself.

The young actress began her career early on in her life, first starring in her school plays and then her Disney days, which lasted almost a decade. Most know her for her iconic role as Rocky Blue on Shake It Up and K.C. on K.C. Undercover. During this time, Zendaya produced her music and then declared her spot on the big screen in several different roles. She is often recognized for her songs Replay and Butterflies.

First, she began with roles as the voice of several different characters. She was the voice of Meechee in the film Small Foot and Lollipop in Super Buddies.  She then starred in several music videos such as Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Bruno Mars’ “Versace on the Floor”. Coleman scored several more roles on the big screen soon after. Alongside Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron, she expanded her singing career in the musical film The Greatest Showman. A couple of years later, Zendaya landed a reoccurring role as Michelle in the new Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland. 

Zendaya Coleman was awarded the Emmy for Youngest Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Rue Bennett in the television series Euphoria. The series follows a group of teenagers dealing with different life struggles including sex, substances and high school. Her contenders – Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Jennifer Aniston, Laura Linney and Olivia Colman – were also nominated for this category. She is now the youngest female to win this prize in Emmy’s history. The title was previously held by Jodie Comer.

Despite being an Emmy Award-winning quadruple threat, she has also made a name for herself outside of Hollywood. Never being afraid to speak her mind, Zendaya is the ultimate boss that we all look up to. Despite this, Zendaya does not declare herself an activist. She feels activism is a full-time role and requires a certain type of commitment that she feels she is not ready to take on at her young age. Nevertheless, Zendaya does not hold back when it comes to voicing her opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement and the matter of equality.

Hollywood adores Zendaya; fans cannot get enough of her, and she is certainly not holding back. Coleman stars in the upcoming Denis Villeneuve film, Dune alongside Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Jason Momoa. The film set to release in December 2020.




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