Women Rate Bath and Body Works’ Fall Collection

I absolutely love fall: the weather, the chunky knit sweaters, the warm blanket scarves and all the new items that Bath and Body Works comes out with during this season. Fall is the season where everything feels so warm and fuzzy, while also being cool and breezy: it’s truly magical.

In order to pay tribute to both Bath and Body Works and fall, I asked five different women to share their opinions on the different pieces from their latest fall collection. 

Paige, 18

Paige loves autumn because it is warm and toasty. She believes that fall weather is truly amazing and that fall fashion rocks. Paige is also very enthusiastic about Bath and Body Works, especially their fall collections that she looks forward to every year. She also finds that Bath and Body Works products are very traditional.  

Jessica, 19

For Jessica, fall is her second favourite season — with summer being her top favourite. She loves autumn because of the warmth and because fall fashion is her absolute favourite. Jessica loves Bath and Body Works and she admits that the store is actually her favourite place to shop. 

Houston, 18

Autumn is Houston’s all-time favourite season and she loves everything about it. She loves Halloween, the weather, the clothes and the drinks. Houston used to be obsessed with Bath and Body Works until she realized that the overpowering scents gave her a headache, so she stopped using their products. Hopefully, by the end of this review, Houston will go back to loving Bath and Body Works once again. 

Lexi, 18

When it was time to comment on autumn, Lexi was brutally honest, saying that: “it’s cold!” She then added that she liked the smells that were associated with fall — something I completely agree with. Lexi likes Bath and Body Works, but she also believes that a lot of their stuff is a repeat and rebrand of their old products. 

Antonia, 18

Antonia says that fall is festive and that the weather is pretty okay until it gets cold. Commenting on Bath and Body Works, she said: “it’s pretty decent, I mean it’s not my favourite place.” She added that sometimes the scents are too intense, but [Bath and Body Works] can be creative when they really try. 

Now that we’ve gotten a general overview of what our reviewers think about autumn and Bath and Body Works, we can jump right in on the review. The women will be commenting on the packaging, scent and will give an overall rate of the product. 

Hand Soaps 

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl 

Paige: “The packaging is very pretty, although it does not match the description at all. The teal colour of the packaging is not a fall look. The scent is too overpowering, it literally smells like vanilla. I would give this a 4/10.” 

Houston: “I really liked the package because the colour of the soap and the teal label complimented each other nicely. I am not a fan of the scent because it is too sweet. I would give this a 4/10.”

Antonia: “The white pumpkin makes the label look very sleek, but the teal is just not doing it. The colour of the soap is very off. The scent is a little too strong. It’s a 4/10.” 

Coconut Pumpkin Latte 

Lexi: “It has very cute packaging and the green and rose gold combination is unique. Oh! This one smells good, I did not expect that. It’s a weird combination but it works. I would give this is an 8.5/10.”

Jess: “I don’t really like the packaging because the green makes it look like dirt and the rose gold just looks brown. I like the scent, but there’s not enough coconut. It doesn’t make sense to put in coconut because it’s a summer scent. I would give it a 6/10.”

Crisp Morning Air

Paige: “The blue colour for the bottle really adds to the crispiness, so that’s a good sign. The scent is very fresh and clean. It smells like apples — yuck! This is a 2/10.” 

(Paige does not like apples and spent two minutes saying crisp because we realized the word creeps up from the back of the throat to the tip of the tongue. Crisp!)

Houston: “I love the leaves and the blue hue of the bottle. It is very non-traditional for fall, but it works perfectly. This smells like how I imagine the word ‘crisp’ would smell — this is my favourite scent! I give this a 10/10.”

Antonia: “This packaging captures the moment between the late summer and early autumn transition. The smell is not overpowering and it’s actually very pleasant. I would give it a 9/10.” 

Body Products – Shower Gels and Lotions 

Champagne Apple and Honey – Shower Gel
Lexi: “The label is very pretty and works for the fall. It has a cute cartoon apple on the front! The scent, however, is very basic and smells more like berries than apples or honey. It’s a 3.5/10 at best.” 

Jess: “It has a Christmas vibe, not a fall one. I don’t like apples, but it if has champagne and honey that’s okay. [It’s] a solid 8/10.” 

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte – Shower Gel

Paige: “I like the gold and sparkly label. It literally smells like a latte. It’s a 10/10 because I really like this scent.” 

Houston: “The label is minimalistic and it’s so cute. I love how the shower gel labels have a consistent theme. The scent is so fragrant.  I would give this a 9/10.” 

Antonia: “I don’t like the name. The packaging is very fall-like, so I guess that’s a good thing. It’s not intense with the smell — it could be better. This is an 8.5/10.”

Whipped Vanilla and Spice – Lotion 

Paige: “The colours do not go together. The smell is so basic: there’s no spice and the vanilla is hardly there. Also, this smells like sunscreen. 2/10.” 

Houston: “I like the packaging, but it smells like sunscreen that is going bad. 2/10.” 

Antonia: “This should be a summer packaging and it also smells like sunscreen. 3.5/10.” 

Jess: “Smells like some nice sunscreen. I hate the packaging.  4/10.”

Lexi: “It smells like sun lotion, why? It’s not a bad scent — but it has nothing to do with fall. 5.5/10.”


Sweater Weather

Lexi: “It smells like old man cologne and armpit! The packaging is not a pleasing picture because it doesn’t go with the scent. Where are the sweaters? Why is there a barn instead? 1.5/10 this was really bad.” 

Jess: “Eh, the package should have sweaters, not a barn. I don’t like the smell.  It smells like bad cologne and dead leaves — gross. 2/10” 

Marshmallow Fireside

Paige: “I love the starry night packaging, but I just wish there was a campfire. The smell is beautiful, I actually have the same candle. It has a sweet woodsy scent. This is a 10/10!” 

Houston: “The packaging has a very campy vibe and there’s no campfire. The scent is a lot fresher than their typical fall scents. I enjoyed this scent. It’s a 10/10 for sure.” 

Antonia: “Picture has nothing to do with the scent, but it’s still cool. There’s something off about this scent. I would never buy it. It’s a 3.8/10 because it’s not quite a four, but it’s also not bad enough to be a solid three.” 

Pumpkin Donut Shop

Lexi: “The packaging is very creative — I love the waffle clipart! It literally smells like cinnamon! It’s a 9/10 only because I feel like although the scent is great, it’s very overdone and unoriginal.” 

Jess: “I really like the little waffle in the packaging. It’s some good quality stuff! It’s warm and the smell is very nice and homey. This is a 10/10!”

Final Thoughts

Paige: Paige loved the fall collection from Bath and Body Works. She will always have a special place for autumn and Bath and Body Works in her heart. She loves how the company was able to incorporate so many different scents together to make something so unique. 

Jess: Jess liked the warmer smells, but she wasn’t a big fan of the fruity smells. She liked the packages with an earthy tone because they were true to the theme of fall. Overall, it was a pretty good collection, but there is definitely room for improvement. 

Houston: It’s decent — It’s not really their best work. There were some things that were smelt great, like Crisp Morning Air.

Lexi: It did not impress Lexi too much and she would not go out of her way to buy any of the items. 

Antonia: There wasn’t a steady theme even with products that were from the same branch, such as the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte theme. Some of the scents and packages were totally off. A few of the formulas were not good either, as some of the products had an incredible smell while others lacked any scent at all. The collection was barely above average — some things were pretty good. 

Overall, I had a great four hours conducting research with these amazing ladies. I had a hoot when I was going over the notes from the reviews because of the hilarious comments that were made during the different interviews.  

Bath and Body Works out-do themselves yearly to produce some of the best products for any given season or event. Be sure to check out your local Bath and Body Works store to find your favourite products and see if you agree with our reviews! 

All photos courtesy of http://www.bathandbodyworks.com