Winter Is Coming, and so is the Game of Thrones Prequel

With Game of Thrones coming to a close this past May, many fans have been left feeling like there is a giant hole where their favorite show used to be. As hard as we try to fill it with a new show, nothing compares to the feud between the Lannisters, Starks and Targaryens. But wait!  It’s not over!

HBO has confirmed the release of a prequel to the hit series that will be titled House of the Dragon. The trailer leaves something to be desired, as it does not provide us with a release date, any actors, the budget, production details or plot.

After watching the trailer, here is what we do know:


This historical prequel will take place 300 years before the first episode of Game of Thrones.  Knowing this, we will most likely not see any familiar faces like Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister or even Ned Stark. This should be a whole new group of actors and I am not going to point any fingers, but Tom Felton as a Targaryen? Yes please. You can’t look at this and tell me that he wouldn’t fit right in.

“Dance of the Dragons” or “Doom of Valyria?”

So, this prequel could end in one of two ways:

1. Dance of the Dragons: A civil war between the Targaryens which eventually leads to Aegon III taking the throne. If you remember from the show, following the rule of Aegon V, the Mad King comes into power.


2. Doom of Valyria: This comes well before the Dance of the Dragons, and it is when the whole sky city of Valyria is taken out by a volcano.

We do not have any confirmation on this yet, but either way, dragons die and that just makes us all upset.

Initial 10 Episode Run in 2020

The only other confirmed information that we know thus far is that it will have an initial 10 episode run with a soft launch proposed next year. This is subject to change, but we can always hope.

Miguel Sapochnik

HBO was very excited to announce that Miguel will be partnering with Ryan Condal and George RR Martin to direct and produce the pilot and following episodes. Sapochnik is responsible for the directing of the episode titled Battle of the Bastards in the original Game of Thrones series.  This leaves us thinking that the series will be very battle based, and very gruesome.

All of the Houses have a Role

As mentioned in the teaser trailer, all of the houses own different areas of Westeros. This can only mean that we will see descendants from each of the houses. However, this begs the question of if it will be in this prequel, or will there be another separate show? So many questions, so few answers.

It may feel like we are left in the dark, but at least we know more than nothing, right Jon?