Why You Should Go on Vacation Even Though You're Broke AF

You only live once. I know that’s pretty 2011 of me to say, but the meaning holds true. As students, we are (mostly) in debt and spending our limited funds on pasta and bars, but sometimes you really do need to just yolo it up. Here are some reasons why you should go travelling now even though you’re broke.


You’re only young once! I’m so sorry, I just made that acronym up. But I don’t apologize for the point! There’s only so much longer we’ll get to enjoy being young before we get tied down to things like careers, spouses and children... Ok now I’m freaking out. Moving on…

It’s good to be impulsive

We’re at an age where it’s still socially acceptable for us to be impulsive, and without too many responsibilities holding us down it’s not too hard to just hop on a plane/train/bus and go on a quick adventure. Might as well act on some spontaneous urges and book that flight Mexico.

It’s good for the soul

Your bank account may cry, but your soul will be super happy.


Think of all the stories you’ll be able to tell after your adventures. It’ll be great to tell friends, to entertain new people, and fun to tell the grandkids one day.

It builds character

This sounds so cliché, but it’s true. Travelling gives you experience and teaches you about yourself and the world around you. Before this summer I had never travelled without a ~real~ adult and I didn’t think I could handle it. You’ll surprise yourself with what you learn. For a dependent person, I discovered that I love going to museums alone, and took the metro in Paris by myself without getting completely lost, so I really surprised myself. Ask any of my family members, they were all worried for me. And, when my flight was delayed three million hours and I thought I was going to miss the first day of classes and had to yell at some airport people, I only cried once!! Character people!!

The endless possibilities

Beach romance? European photoshoots? Hiking through the jungle? The possibilities are endless!

Yes, there’s the future to think about, saving up for a Masters degree or student loans or cars, but for now it’s okay for us to be a little selfish with our money. Why not browse for cheap flights and deals and just go somewhere? Stress and responsibility will be there when we get back, go have fun!

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