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Why Kim Kardashian is a Feminist and a Successful Businesswoman

You either love her or you hate her, but there’s one thing that you have to admit: she works hard. Many people are very quick to judge the Kardashian family, especially Kim, simply because of a sex tape that was made over ten years ago.

I feel the need to point out that this is not a fangirl article about how much I love Kim Kardashian. It’s simply an argument about people underestimating her success due to a choice made many years ago. An intimate moment between a couple suddenly became something for everyone’s eyes, and she is constantly judged for it. Everything she does well, and is successful for, seems to be diminished just because a sex tape of her was released.

“Kim K donated $500,000 to Harvey Weinstein victims? But, she still has a sex tape, what a terrible influence and role model.”

When someone can’t properly argue against Kim, or they need reassurance, they bring up the sex tape. It’s not a valid point anymore, and we’re over it.

So, to people who still try to tear her down and bring up that irrelevant point, this article is to set you straight. LET’S GET STARTED, I’M EXCITED.

Kim and the family took advantage of her thirty seconds of fame and did something that has never been done before: created an empire. How many other people can you name that have gained their fame and success because of a sex tape? NONE? That’s because they’re irrelevant now. It wasn’t necessarily the best way to get attention, but the Kardashians made do with what they were given, and look at how much they’ve done since.

Business wise, the Kardashians are geniuses. They turn everything they touch into gold, and you can’t deny it. Kim doesn’t allow anyone, especially men, to intimidate her as a successful business woman. She has her DASH store, makeup line, app, the family’s reality show, appearances, and much more. She deals with everything in a professional way and has been successful because of it. Kim and her family were one of the first sets of people to discover social media as a marketing tool, and she has created a crazy following due to it. If Kim posts that her new makeup line will drop in fifteen minutes, it will be sold out.

This plays a role in why people love her: she is constantly on social media and creates this intimate connection with all of her fans. She’s so public and shares her success with her fan base. She’s a public relations genius, and she’ll listen to her fans if something is misunderstood. When accused of promoting blackface with her new makeup line, she saw the response from her fans and immediately addressed it and apologized. She doesn’t feel the need to contact her team when it comes to addressing anything that may be problematic or hurtful to those who have assisted in her success.

Many people bash her for “exploiting her body,” especially on social media, but that’s not necessarily the case. She embraces her body and encourages other women by saying that it’s okay to feel beautiful and comfortable in their bodies, too. She’s open with her sexuality; there’s nothing wrong with that. Women shouldn’t be ashamed of loving their body, and that’s something Kim really emphasizes, regardless of what you want to think. Naked selfies? Sure, do whatever makes you feel happy. Who are we to take that away from her?

Kim Kardashian is a strong female, in a strong female family, that proves woman can be just as successful as men. She believes in equal rights, donates to charity, and cares about many worldly issues. She’s not a bad influence or role model for you or your daughter. In fact, she’s a great one. She shows women that they should not allow men to diminish them and that hard work pays off. Personally, I think that’s something every woman and girl needs to hear.


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