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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

In the spirit of the spooky season, I present to you multiple different pumpkins. Tag your friends according to their personality traits, characteristics and interests or hobbies!

1. The Traditional Jack-o’-lantern

  • Traditional / conservative
  • Hates change 
  • Drinks coffee black
  • Minimalist
  • One of those people that like hairless cats

2. The Unnecessarily Scary Jack-o’-lantern

  • Sarcastic af
  • Probably laughed during the whole Jigsaw experience
  • Dreams of becoming the next Stephen King
  • Only ever talks about Halloween
  • Hardcore Evanescence fan

3. The Happy Jack-o’-lantern

  • Never stops laughing
  • Extremely positive (about everything, ugh)
  • Disney OBSESSED
  • Will cry if you so much as look at them a certain way
  • Falls in love like it’s going out of style

4.  The Puking Jack-o’-lantern

  • Part of a sorority or fraternity
  • Can shotgun a beer in less than 10 seconds
  • Loves everyone
  • Never on time (like, ever)
  • Will probably elope to Vegas

5. The Creative Jack-o-lantern

  • Huge snob
  • President of the Debate team
  • ‘Venti half-sweet, decaffeinated, sugar-free vanilla soy latte’ is their order
  • Learned the alphabet before everyone else
  • Is probably the best cook you’ll ever meet

6. The Funny Jack-o-lantern

  • Their laugh makes everyone laugh
  • Insults everyone they meet
  • The greatest friend
  • Always the class clown
  • Uncontrollable sweet tooth

7.  The “Fan-atic” Jack-o-lantern

  • Has six different Instagram fan accounts
  • Tea over coffee
  • A loner
  • Owns, like, five Tamagotchi’s 
  • Can NOT handle criticism at all

8. The Regular Pumpkin

  • Much depressed
  • Incredibly dark sense of humour that is absolutely unacceptable
  • Too busy to function
  • Can’t remember the last time they laughed
  • Has had enough of your shit
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