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Which Riverdale Character are you?

Warning: Spoilers Below

If you aren’t waiting weekly for a new episode to be released, obsessing over the (very) attractive Archie Andrews, or coming up with your own solution as to how Jason was killed, then what are you really doing watching Riverdale? With only 6 episodes released so far, this teen drama television series has caught the eyes, hearts, and attention of many people, both young and old. To go one step further with your obsession, why not figure out which character you best relate to? Below, you’ll be able to do so by reading the descriptions provided for each character. Remember, this is just for your enjoyment, so regardless of who you get, don’t go out thinking you can get away with successfully breaking into a car, giving a bunch of girls a Sticky Maple, or for that matter, sleeping with your music teacher.



Football, music, girls. Football, music, girls. Football, music, girls. Are you someone who is in a situation where you have to juggle all three of these things? You were not always this busy, but after a summer working away from your friends you returned to school struggling to keep up with all your interests? Well, then it looks like Archie and you are two very similar people. Archie is a very sweet boy, however, he has some secrets that at first not many people know about. He is very committed to his music, and due to this, takes a step back from his football career. Archie had a short-lived “relationship” with the music teacher at his high school; however, he also has eyes for the new girl in town, Veronica. To make things more complicated, his long-time best friend Betty confesses her feelings for Archie. If you are someone who matches this crazy lifestyle, and also happens to have an extremely nice body, then consider yourself the new Archie in town.



At first, Betty is represented as a smart, caring, innocent high school girl. She is extremely focused on her education, as well as her extra curricular activities. Before we know it, the new girl Veronica comes to town, and a side of Betty never seen before begins to emerge. Betty’s mother is very controlling; therefore, she never got the chance to try activities that interested her, for instance, cheerleading. With Veronica and Betty becoming very close in a short period of time, we are able to see a new side of Betty. She joins the cheerleading team, begins to go against her mother’s wishes, and most of all, expresses her love for Archie. So, if you are someone who is very school orientated, have a crush on one of your best friends, and have a wild side not many people know about, then it looks like Betty is the one for you.



It’s always hard to be the new girl in town, but somehow, Veronica makes it seem easy. Archie becomes very fond of Veronica in a short period of time; however, Betty is not so easily convinced that she wants to be friends with her. Although there were many up’s and down’s in their friendship, before we know it, Betty and Veronica are very good friends, and are going by “B and V”. If you are someone who has always grown up being the popular girl, have a sassy but smart side, and although you don’t show it every day, are very caring and considerate, then you seem like the perfect Veronica.



Maybe you are the underdog of the group. Someone who keeps to themselves, yet is known by everyone at their school. You are an independent person who succeeds on their own, and although you’ve had rough patches with your friends, have found ways to make these friendships work yet again. Rather than playing sports or practicing music, you enjoy writing and do so with passion and pride. Not to mention, you have a favourite hat that you LOVE to wear everyday (literally). If you fit this lifestyle, then you are definitely the next Jughead Jones.



You may have encountered a misfortune in your life – something that has changed the overall vibe within both your family and friends. It may have brought out the worst in you; however, deep down you are a genuine person who is only acting this way due to being very torn up about the loss of someone close to you. You have a very spunky side to you, as well, you enjoy being a leader and in charge of extra curricular activities. Does this seem like you? If so, Cheryl seems like the girl for you.


Miss. Grundy

If you are passionate for music and sleeping with your students, consider yourself Miss. Grundy.


Maybe you are one of these six characters, maybe you are a few combined, or maybe you just don’t connect with any. Regardless of what you decide, one thing we can all agree on is that Riverdale is a great new TV series, and with the diverse personalities each character inhibits, we are guaranteed an exciting new episode each week.

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