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Aries – “cowboy like me”

As the first of the zodiac and the fire signs, Aries is headstrong, bold and brave. They’re also not afraid of some competition or seeing how far they can take a gag without getting caught, which is exactly what “cowboy like me” is about. But even when they meet their match, stubborn and confident Aries will but just fine, with or without you.

Taurus – “willow”

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, named after the goddess of love. So, it makes perfect sense for them to be sensual and romantic. “willow” is the perfect song to represent Taurus individuals. Taurus is a steady sign, stuck in their ways, so if they love you enough to follow “wherever you stray,” you know they’re serious!

Gemini – “long story short”

Even though this song seems fun and upbeat, it speaks of impulsivity and someone who doesn’t think their decisions all the way through (sorry Geminis). For what it’s worth, Geminis might have a reputation of being flighty or aloof, but they’re curious and social, always ready to learn more about the people in their lives.

Cancer – “tolerate it”

Cancer is known as the maternal zodiac sign. They love the home and are very family-oriented but sometimes have their love and compassion taken for granted. Though Cancers are emotionally intuitive, it’s hard for them to open up to others and share their true feelings. Trust me, as a Cancer moon, I can relate!

Leo – “gold rush”

I’m sorry Leos, but you had to have seen this one coming. Leo is the celebrity of the zodiac (a lot of famous people actually have prominent Leo placements!). “Gold rush” is a song about someone that everyone wants, and it seems this person enjoys the attention. Even Taylor sings as someone who feels they shouldn’t need to fight for attention, which is a very Leo trait to have.

Virgo – “champagne problems”

Virgos are notoriously the practical bunch of the zodiac signs. They are rational, logical and systematic when it comes to going about their lives, but it doesn’t mean they are emotionless. Although “champagne problems” is a nostalgic, mournful song, it’s also a realistic one. The song is a tribute to a relationship that wasn’t going to work out. It would take someone level-headed, like a Virgo, to reject the love of their life because it was the right decision.

Libra – “happiness”

Libras are all about balance, after all, their symbol is literally a scale. “Happiness” has a very beautiful and fair, yet diplomatic, take on a relationship. This represents a Libra’s desire for equality and stability in their lives, especially in their love lives.

Scorpio – “no body, no crime”

As a fellow water sign, I’m fond of you Scorpios, so you get one of my favourite songs! Elusive, mysterious and hard to pin down, just like a Scorpio, we never get a real answer as to how this murder was pulled off. But, when a Scorpio wants something, they will do whatever it takes to get it and it won’t be anything you can prove.

Sagittarius – “dorothea”

Sagittarians, true to their fire-sign nature, are always looking for the next best thing. They’re on an endless journey, looking for adventure, knowledge and experiences. Like Dorothea, Sagittariuses are seemingly always moving on to bigger things. Who knows if they’re ever slowing down to think of the past?

Capricorn – “ivy”

Like Capricorns, “ivy” makes me think of patience and resilience. It takes a long time to build such a house, for a plant to take root and grow to that size; it’s all effort and hard work that Capricorns are willing to put in. Even though the song mentions a fire coming to burn everything to the ground, this is a house of stone we’re talking about. You can’t shake a Capricorn that easily.

Aquarius – “closure”

Aquarius is a sign that does not stand for fake niceties and people-pleasing. Like “closure,” Aquariuses have no time for being fake and pretending to be friends. Yes, they may be hurt and even a little spiteful, but they’re okay with admitting that. Once an Aquarius is done, they are done.

Pisces – “evermore”

Pisces are empathetic and intuitive, arguably the most emotional sign. As a Pisces myself, I completely relate to the tidal wave of emotions packed in “evermore.” Plus, Taylor and Bon Iver’s verses perfectly represent symbol of Pisces, the two fish swimming in a circle, constantly moving from reality to fantasy and back again.

Bhavya Jagdev

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Bhavya is a second-year BBA student at Wilfrid Laurier University. She loves to read (her favourite genres are fantasy and mystery) and spend a little too much money at Starbucks. She also enjoys travelling, spending time with her friends and family and (of course) writing.