What Your Mask Says About You

Do you remember the time when face masks meant relaxing bubble baths and exfoliating cream? Yeah, me neither. Now when we talk about face masks, we’re talking about protecting the safety of others. But that doesn’t mean wearing face masks has to be a chore! Now that masks are a mandatory part of our everyday lives, we might as well use them as a way to express ourselves!

Here’s what your face mask says about you:

Medical Mask

You’re dedicated to health, and you’ve found the perfect balance of safety and comfort. You’re prepared, informed and take every precaution to help keep others as safe as possible.

Cloth Mask

You’re dedicated to helping your community: you want to keep people safe, while also supporting our economy! Whether you buy cloth masks from big chains, or you support local businesses who have started making masks, you understand the balance between safety and entrepreneurship.

Homemade Mask

Your resourcefulness is going to make sure that no matter what happens, you and your family will be just fine. Not only do you have the skills to keep everyone safe, but you also have the will to provide for yourself if you need to. And not only that! You are creative and get to express your creativity however you want through the masks you make.


You’re tenacious: a real-life McGyver, you’re able to make do with whatever you have and take advantage of your resources to get ahead. You might not have a mask, but you won’t let that stop you from getting out while keeping people safe.

Japanese Fashion Mask

You’re focused on comfort as well as safety. These masks are thin, light, and sleek, and you know they make you look good. You know masks are mandatory, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look great while wearing them!

So, there you have it! Face masks are our new normal, and it looks like they’re going to be here to stay. But don’t be discouraged: there is a wide variety of different fits and styles of masks, so you’re guaranteed to find something that makes you look and feel comfortable while keeping your community safe.

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Reminder: masks are only effective if they cover your nose and mouth. Even when wearing a mask, keep six feet apart from others as much as possible, and make sure to wash your hands and avoid touching your face after being in public spaces. We all need to work together to keep each other safe in this difficult time.