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What Your Favourite Bachelor Contestant Says About You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

The Bachelor is hands down the one show that every girl is not afraid to be obsessed with. We watch it religiously every week, pick our favourites, and secretly wish the season’s bachelor would reach through the TV and give us the final rose (that’s not just me, right?). Anyways, since you’re probably a self-proclaimed super-fan, did you ever stop to think about what your fave contestant says about you?  


If you love Josephine it inevitably means you loooove cats.  Don’t deny it.  She is definitely not afraid to be her quirky self, which is why you can relate to her on a purrrsonal level. 


If Vanessa is your fan-favourite, you believe in being your authentic, genuine self.  You don’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of forming a true connection with your man because you’re the realest of the real, and you tell it like it is. 


If Alexis is your girl, you’re not afraid to say you hope Nick ends up with the girl in the dolphin (it’s a shark, duh) suit.  She may seem a little out-there, but that’s why you love her!  You’re not worried about anyone’s opinions and love to crack everyone up with your fun-spirited sense of humour.


Everybody loves Rachel, so if she’s your fave then it’s no surprise why!  She’s your favourite this season because you both fly under the radar and end up surprising people in the most amazing ways.  You both have great personalities and are super easy to get along with, making the hunt for Mr. Right an easy one.   


Oh Elizabeth.  Gone too soon, some would say.  She was one of the girls you loved to hate because of her unpredictability, but she definitely had guts.  Just like Liz, you live life on the edge, and, even though you may have your fair share of cringe-worthy moments, when you see something you want, you go for it!     


If your favourite contestant this season is Christen then it’s because your friends also see you as the perfect person to come to for advice during a sticky situation.  This is all thanks to your super approachable personality, which makes making friends so easy.  Seriously.


Taylor is one to watch, and so are you!  You totally love and relate to Taylor because you both instantly attract people with your gorgeous smile and extremely likeable personality.  Rest assured, no one will ever forget you once they’ve met you – you seem to make every moment so magical… how do you do it?!   

Danielle L.

Maybe you only love Danielle L. because she fulfilled your 90’s dream of being serenaded by the Backstreet Boys? Or maybe you love her because she’s just so darn cute?  Either way she’s your ultimate fave this season because she’s just like you – cute as a button.  Nick agrees.      


If you love Corinne, you LOVE being the center of attention.  You’re definitely not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if it means you get your Prince Charming in the end, and for you, life is about letting nothing stand in your way of true happiness. Just remember, it’s probably better to have friends than foes in the grand scheme of things.    


Who doesn’t love the sweet southern belle of the ball?  Raven is definitely your fave because, like her, you are a sweetheart.  You draw people in with your charm and beauty, plus you both have a passion for fashion and amazing hair!

Danielle M. 

Danielle M. is definitely your favourite this season because of how she inspires you with her amazing strength, even in the worst of times.  You’re both not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve because you know true love is about setting it all out on the table and loving someone through the good times and the bad.    

So, after all that, did you learn something about yourself?  Does your fave describe you to a T?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Or maybe you’re just thinking about how you deserve that final rose more than any of these ladies… and maybe you’re right!  



Wilfrid Laurier Student who loves anything and everything related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Constantly living life though the wise words of fashion icon Coco Chanel, who preaches, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."
Jenna Steadman

Wilfrid Laurier

4th year Psychology major at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo ON.