What to Pack When Backpacking

When travelling, your backpack is your life and becomes a part of you, so honey you best be making it as small as possible! Speaking from experience, the smaller the bag the happier you are. Obviously the contents and size of your bag is dependant on the length of your adventure and location. What I’m providing you with isn’t a definitive list; the best way to pack a bag is to learn from experience. So let’s get started! 

Ask yourself:

1. Do you want your bag to go in checked luggage, or be able to fit under your seat as a carry on?

2. What is the average temperature during the day and at night where you are going?

3. How long will you be gone?

Benefits to a Smaller Bag

A lot of your travels will be done via bus, taxi, and public transportation, and a lot of the time, it will be incredibly crowded. Don’t go buy a large pack and say you “won’t fill it all the way.” Trust me, you will! Get a smaller bag.

Essential Clothing

Absolutely do not bring clothes that are valuable to you. Athletic wear is my personal favourite because it dries fast and can packed up easily. It is also great for hot and cold weather.

1.     Two t-shirts

2.     One nice shirt

3.     One warm long sleeve

4.     One sweater

5.     One rain jacket (suggestion: ParkLife has great bombers that are very light and roll up very small)

6.     Two pairs of pants (try your best not to bring jeans)

7.     One skirt

8.     One pair of nice shorts

9.     Athletic shorts

10.  One swim suit

11.   Two sports bras

12.   One real bra

13.   7-10 pairs of undies

14.   5 pairs of socks

Ladies! If you’re travelling to South East Asia, pack a long skirt because some places require covered legs

Packing Advice: Roll, don’t fold! Put your heavier items in the bottom of your pack, because you are less likely to need them over your smaller pieces.

Footwear (climate dependant**)

1.     One pair of comfortable sandals

2.     One pair of comfortable running shoes

3.     TRY to avoid hiking boots unless you desperately need them

Packing advice: Tie your runners to your pack and put your sandals on your feet, simple as that.


1.     Micro fibre towel (it dries super quick and isn’t heavy)

2.     Reusable water bottle (Brita water bottles are great for filtration)

3.     Medical kit

4.     Wash kit (but don’t stress because it can always be repurchased abroad)

                   a.     Shampoo/conditioner

                   b.     Toothpaste

                   c.     Deodorant

                   d.     Toothbrush

                   e.     Razorf.     

                   f.     Soap

5.     Nail clippers

6.     Wet wipes

7.     Sun block

8.     Female hygiene products

9.     Any medication you need

10.   Vitamins to boost your immune system

11.  Makeup essentials

12.  Mosquito repellent

13.   Money belt

14.  Lock

15.  One book

16.  Sunglasses

17.  Deck of cards


Keep them on you or in a locker to prevent theft.

1.     Phone and charger

2.     Plug in adapter

3.     GoPro/camera

4.     Headphones

Basic Travel Essentials

1.     Passport

2.     Visa

3.     Debit card

4.     Travel insurance

5.     Health card

6.     ID

Safe travels and happy adventuring, collegiettes!