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What to do When You Want to Travel but You Can’t

Another reading week has come and gone. If you spent it like me, it was a lot of writing, reading, and wishing I had been organized enough to plan a trip somewhere while looking at various pictures of Europe, New York, and even Toronto. Whether it’s money, time, or something else that’s holding you back from travelling the world, here are some tips for things you can do when you want to travel, but just can’t seem to get away.


Write a list of everywhere you want to go.

This is a cute little way of making a self to-do list. You’ll get there eventually, and having a list keeps your thoughts in perspective. You don’t even want to go to Florida anyway, so why get jealous?

Then, make a plan.

Even if it’s long-term, planning a trip will make it more attainable. If the amount for a flight, accommodations, and all the extras makes you want to faint, knowing the goal is half the battle.

And save up!

The other half is knowing how you’re going to get to that goal. A popular trick people use that I’ve come across online is saving every $5 bill you come across and putting it towards a goal, or putting away $5 from every paycheck! Though that may not work for everyone, having a plan is the most sure-fire way to get to your travelling goals.


Draw your favourite landmarks.

Note that you don’t have to do it well. Whether you’ve seen it before or are dreaming of being at its base, drawing something gives you a better appreciation of the way things are composed. When you see it in real life, you can see that detail up close and appreciate it even more.

Make a photo memory book.

Take your favourite photos and collect them all in a physical scrapbook or in a specific document on your computer. It’ll bring back good memories and remind you of how lucky you have been to see what you have already!

And submit the best ones to be published.

Find travel magazines that will pay for your photos. There’s no harm in submitting them, and maybe you’ll have a few extra bucks to put towards your next trip!

Watch a foreign film.

There’s a whole world outside of Hollywood, and you can experience it without even getting out of your bedroom. Netflix even has some really good ones! If you’re into horror, I would recommend The Wailing, which is as compelling as it is beautiful.

Take a social media break.

Especially this time of year, when everyone is sharing their best travel moments on social media. It’s hard to remember that it’s censored — I post pictures of Rome, not the pictures of the three days I was stuck in the airport trying to get home. If it really bothers you, log off for a while and enjoy the world around you.

Try a new thing in your area.

Have you ever been to Kinkaku Izakaya, Downtown Kitchener’s kick-ass authentic sushi place?  Did you know that parts of the new It movie were filmed in Cambridge? There’s so much to explore, and all you need is your Laurier bus pass!

There you have it! Next time you’ve caught wanderlust and can’t scratch the itch, try these tips and get excited for the next time you can get away!


All photos are are taken by and belong to the author, Madeline McInnis.

Madeline McInnis

Wilfrid Laurier '19

Madeline graduated from the BA+MA program at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2020. In her undergraduate degree, she majored in Film Studies and History with a specialization in film theory. She later completed her Master's of English degree, where she wrote her thesis on the construction of historical memory and realism in war films. If you're looking for a recommendation for a fountain pen or dotted notebook, she should be your first line of contact.
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