Valentine’s Day For The Collegiette’s Soul

After experiencing Valentine’s Day through every relationship status possible you learn to appreciate the humour of it all. Every year this holiday fills people with anxiety. So ladies, we’re here to remind you that there is really no need to stress! One collegiette to another, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the Hallmark holiday that forces you to define your relationship with your significant other, and you most certainly shouldn’t let it define you as an individual. Consider this article Her Campus Laurier’s Valentine’s Day themed Chicken Soup for the Collegiette’s Soul. This year we want you to enjoy Valentine’s Day for everything it has to offer; sarcastic e-cards, day after half-priced chocolates, cool T-shirts that tell it like it is, an opportunity to splurge on expensive lingerie, and a drunken night with your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friends or whoever else.

Scenario 1:

You’ve only been seeing each other for a month, so the relationship is kind of new…

You’re looking for a great date idea that won’t break the bank and still allows for intimate conversation. We’ve got the perfect suggestion!

Step 1: Tell him to meet you at your place with a bottle of wine

Step 2: Run by LCBO and pick up a six back of his favourite brew, and stick a bow on the packet.

Step 3: Return home and hook up Netflix to the TV

Step 4: Order a pizza, we recommend Pizza Pizza (519) 747-1111

When he gets there wish him a happy V-day, hand him his beer and spend the night watching Netflix, drinking and eating pizza.

Give yourself a round of applause. You’re officially the coolest girlfriend ever.


Scenario 2

You’re single and ready to stay in! Whoo!

It just so happens that this year you haven’t been romantically involved with anyone between the months of January and February. Let’s get real. We live in Canada and Valentine’s Day is looking a bit frosty, so you’ll be staying in.  What better way to warm yourself  up than with a glass of wine, some popcorn and a movie. You’re going to Olivia Pope it up this year! If you want to get even fancier with your roommates this season Her Campus Laurier recommends this mulled wine recipe by Jamie Oliver


Wondering how to spend the next morning recovering from you wine hangover? Head over to Frites( on King street for their Valentine’s Day weekend special, because do you know who doesn’t care whether or not you’re single or taken? Waffles. Waffles don’t care.


Scnerio 3:

You’re single and ready to mingle!

Grind your way into the new Valentine’s year at Phil’s on Friday night with your girls. Then grab a burrito at BurritoBoys( and go home. You’re not single, lonely and looking for company. You’re unattached and awesome so embrace it! Wear lipstick as red as you want and flirt like your life depends on it. The guys at the club thought you were single and desperate and tried to take you home, fooled them! You strutted out of there with your girls like you owned the place, and the next morning you’re all going to wake up after noon and treat yourselves to brunch. Happy V-day to you!


Scenario 4:

Going all the way this Valentine’s Day

You have invested a lot in yourself this Valentine’s day, and have enjoyed every minute of it! Between your new lingerie set, the sexy perfume you bought (we heard Sexual by Michel Germaine is a slayer) and the dress that you look absoluetely fabulous in, you’re in for one hell of a good night. Remember ladies, better safe than sorry! Always be prepared!

So let’s all spend Valentine’s Day in good fun this year! Remember that it’s just another day, only it’s acceptable to drink wine in large quantities and you get to mess with people.