Things You Shouldn’t Say (or Do) to Someone Who Wears Glasses

For those of us who grew up wearing glasses, we have experienced countless dumb questions. We’ve all had those carrot-eating monsters mock us. Whether you’re 20/20 (lucky!) or legally blind, I’m here to tell you what us four-eyes are really thinking when you talk to us about our glasses.

Laughing at our glasses fogging up when we walk from the cozy inside to the blistering cold.

We are in a state of panic.

Holding up three fingers (and it’s always three) and asking “Hey, how many fingers am I holding up?”

That’s not how this works, Robert.



We cannot see without them. I don’t care if you want to see how bad my vision is. I don’t care if you want to look as stylish as me. I have a small head and you are going to stretch them out.


Having someone do exactly that and say “wow, you’re really blind”.

Give me my glasses back.

“You look better without glasses”

 You look better without my glasses on too, Jane.

What’s your prescription? … Oh, mine is worse.”

This is not a contest, okay? I still cannot see.

“Do you wear those just for show, or are you actually blind?”

If you see someone wearing glasses, you should always assume they are wearing them because they can’t see. This is just me trying to make my lack of vision prettier.


Followed by “Because I was thinking about getting a pair just like that, but just for show.”

We are judging you.