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When life gets boring, you ask the people you live with if they want to do something. The problem is, usually, no one knows what to do or no one wants to do the same thing. So, here’s a few ideas to get the ball rolling for the group.

Host a roommate dinner party

Have everyone bring or buy one thing you’ll all enjoy and can share together. The result can lead to having all kinds of different foods to eat and share. Don’t forget to enjoy the leftovers! Some of them might only enjoy chips and salsa, while others might want steak for dinner. Either way, there will be food available for days. If your kitchen is small, you could always have someone making special drinks instead of food to save a little space in the fridges and the countertops.

Start watching a show together

If you have a T.V. in the living room or at least one of your roommates has a T.V. in their room, start a watch party night. Whether it’s the Kardashians or How to Get Away With Murder there are all kinds of different streaming services and available shows to watch together over a multitude of weeks. Besides, having an hour a week to hang out with some of your besties is a great break from homework and outside-world stress.

Exercise together

This one may be more difficult with school schedules lining up and such, but if you get the option to do so, try going to the gym together. Laurier offers all kinds of group classes you can sign up for throughout the semester that would be great for a roommate night out that keeps you fit. Plus, the gym is open from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M. almost every day of the week which gives a little bit of leniency for scheduling differences.

Karaoke night

Different places around Waterloo offer Karaoke on different nights for your group convenience. Pin-Up Arcade has karaoke on Sunday nights and Revive offers Karaoke on different nights from Monday through Saturday almost every week. I’m sure there are other bars that also offer karaoke on the weekends, but those are the two most popular ones! Karaoke with your roommates would be a fun activity and easy to plan. Depending on where you live in Waterloo, it may even be within walking distance.

These are just a few options for group activities for the whole apartment to enjoy. If you and your roommates prefer sitting on the couch in silence for hours together studying and that works for you, that’s great too. But if you were all looking for an activity, I hope these helped you out.

Bailey McIntyre

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Bailey is in her third year of English studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. From a small town, she escaped when she could by writing whenever possible, as well as reading all things Sci-fi and Romance. She loves Snowboarding, Baking and watching early 2000s movies with hot chocolate. Bailey has a passion for all things writing related and is also the Arts and Life Section editor for The Cord Newspaper at Laurier. Wishing to pursue editing and publishing post grad, writing is her main creative outlet.