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Things I Learned After Throwing My First House Party

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One item on the bucket list that my two roommates and I created included throwing our first-ever house party. So naturally, we decided to host it over St. Patrick’s Day, mainly because none of us wanted to go out to the street and also because it was just a good day to have it. All in all, I’d say that our party was a success and we had so much fun hosting it.

When it came to actually planning and preparing for the party, we went full out. Anyone who’s been to our house knows that we go crazy when it comes to decorations. We have some relating to every season and holiday, so obviously we had to get some St. Patrick’s Day themed decorations. We ended up making a little theme wall and it turned out so cute. We also got a bunch of temporary tattoos, stickers and necklaces to make people more festive. Between our original decorations and the new ones that we bought specifically for the party, people liked our house; it was a big hit!

After decorating the house, our next pressing matter was to make enough Jell-O shots for everybody. We ended up using a full 750mL bottle of vodka, so we definitely made a lot. Honestly, we probably made too many considering that the three of us ended up having at least half of them ourselves, but they were so good so I’m not even mad about it. Along with making the shots, we also bought so many different snacks, which was such a good call because people were munching on them all day.

When it came to the invite list, we each invited all of our friends, who were from different social circles, so it had the potential to be awkward. It was essentially the biggest crossover episode of our lives, with some people not knowing anyone else there. To overcome this, we brought out the pong table and ended up playing cup pong, stack cup and some other drinking games as well. We also made an absolute banger of a playlist that was over 21 hours long (hit me up for the link)!

We honestly had the best time throwing the party, but with it being our first hosting experience, there were definitely a couple of things that we could’ve done differently. The first thing is that we would confirm the times better, both for the times people show up and when they plan on leaving. This isn’t necessarily a big thing, but we’re very organized people and like knowing what’s happening and when. So, in the future, we would set an end time for the party so that people know how long to stay and so that people who were planning on coming later don’t miss out on all the fun. Even though I said that we made too many Jell-O shots, something that we would change is that we would make even more because honestly, you can never have too many!

So, this is your sign to throw a house party because it was so much fun to see all of our worlds collide in one place. Also, remember to say goodbye to your hosts!

Jennifer Gibson

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Jennifer is a third year Business student, minoring in Psychology, at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her career goals are to pursue anything that is in a creative field. She loves reading, dancing and hanging out with her friends.