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“The Eras Tour,” hosted by Taylor swift, and is one of the biggest concerts in history, with some shows increasing the economy of the country. For a show this important, an amazing outfit is necessary. A couple ideas I found useful from Pinterest or TikTok are dressing up as Taylor Swift albums or re-creating some of her concert outfits.

Some ideas are from her Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album. This album is inspired by gold and soft country aspects. In the concert, during this part, she normally wears a sparkly, fun, gold dress.

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) is inspired by the colour purple and a fairy-tale aspect. During the concert she wears a big purple ball gown and lots of sparkles.

Picking an outfit from Red (Taylor’s Version) is a little harder because it’s more casual. Wear anything red or dark burgundy and it’ll embrace the album.

Personally, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is my favourite album because of all the bold tracks on this album that are inspired by soft, blues and beachy colours during the concert. She wears a top and a sparkly skirt in different colours, which is a fun surprise for each show.

Reputation (Taylor’s Version) is a very dark and mysterious album, but it’s also the easiest one to dress for because it’s mostly black with some sweet details.

Lover is also an album that’s easier to dress for than the rest. I like to describe this album as cotton candy because on the cover it has soft blues, pinks and yellows. Therefore, dressing up in pink girly outfits would embrace this album.

Folklore is also one of my favourite albums because it’s very soft and mellow and has a song for anything you’re going through. For this album, I believe it would be easier to dress as songs such as “Cardigan” and “Mirrorball” rather than the album, because the songs are so different from each other, so you could put a whole outfit together with just one of them.

Your sister album to folklore is evermore, and this album is similar to folklore in the sense that the songs are happening in different times. Therefore, you can base outfits off the songs. For example, she plays the song “Willow” in the concert and wears a long green robe to give the mysterious aspect of the album, which would make for a great outfit.

Midnights is an album that’s also pretty easy for putting an outfit together because, just like it sounds, it’s a lot of dark, blues and purples like midnight. It has a lot of sparkles, with one of the songs being called “Bejewelled.”

By wearing any of these outfits, fans will be able to guess what you’re dressed as pretty easily. Therefore, my recommendation is to wear whatever you want, and if someone gets the album, go along with it.

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