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When you get bored of the required courses and want something that interests you just a little bit more, do you know where to look? University pages can make it difficult to find the good stuff. With so many different pages full of information, weeding through to find the classes you’re actually interested in can be a challenge. So, let’s make it easier for you.

If you’re in second year, third year or fourth year of a program, you know by now you can take any 200 or 300 level courses (depending on prerequisites) without any discrepancies in your schedule. You want to enjoy at least some of your classes if you can, so here are some options to peak everyone’s interest.

EN381: Gaming and Narrative Theory

Depending on the professor teaching this course, certain video games such as Halo 4, Call of Duty 4 or Skyrim are studied through video clips and narrative analysis. If video games are fascinating to you, this course is a great way to dive deeper into understanding them. Through a different way of studying material, this course is actively engaging and offers a visual component that not a lot of other courses have, especially in the English field. This course currently has no listed prerequisites so anyone and everyone can join this class.

ML288: Medieval Studies Travel Course

This course is usually only offered through the six-week summer intersession (May-June), but is a great option if you are thinking about taking summer courses. However, if you want the option to explore, this course gives you just that. The course material studies the cultural and historical sites for the medieval period through in-person lectures and instructor-guided travel abroad experience that takes you to archaeologist sites, museums, libraries, re-enactment events and so much more. Please note that this course is an irregular course and does not run every year, so if it’s available to you next summer, take it while you can!

PO301/NO301: Drugs, Guns, and Trucks: Commerce and Contraband across North America

This course is listed as both PO301 and NO301 in the undergraduate course calendar because it falls under two categories: politics and North American studies. Subject matter of this course examines what is and isn’t considered legal across America. Issues such as challenges for law enforcement, legislation and illegal drug trades and their impacts on social groups throughout America are a focus in this class. Luckily, the only prerequisite for this class is to be a third or fourth year student.

CS333: Alternative Media

This course does have some prerequisites in the communications field, however, if you are majoring or minoring in communications, this course is a great choice for you. Alternative media studies radical and progressive independent media and content. Examined media includes videos, language, websites and manifestos within a political standpoint throughout history.

There’s something for everyone in this wide selection, but if none of these are for you, explore Laurier’s course offerings website for some other options. If you are looking for an interesting course to fill your timetable, I hope you find the best one for you!

Bailey McIntyre

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Bailey is in her third year of English studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. From a small town, she escaped when she could by writing whenever possible, as well as reading all things Sci-fi and Romance. She loves Snowboarding, Baking and watching early 2000s movies with hot chocolate. Bailey has a passion for all things writing related and is also the Arts and Life Section editor for The Cord Newspaper at Laurier. Wishing to pursue editing and publishing post grad, writing is her main creative outlet.