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The hustle and bustle of the mid-term season have almost come to an end (thankfully!), and I don’t know about everybody else, but I could certainly go for a drink! Luckily, Uptown Waterloo has an eclectic bar scene where all of us can take a sip of a perfectly mixed cocktail, relax and enjoy! With plenty of spots to grab a bevi for those who prefer atmospheres that are designed for a cute and cozy social drink or a buzzing and saucy night of dancing and adventure, Uptown is the place to be! Here are the best places in Waterloo to grab a beveragino!

Jane Bond

When you walk into Jane Bond, you are greeted with crisscrossing colourful string lights decorating the low ceiling, sprawls of retro posters covering the walls and a disco ball illuminating a shimmering glow around the room. This cozy atmosphere is the quintessential place to sit back, relax, catch up with good friends and indulge in delicious cocktails, including my favourites: In the Embers which has gin, cinnamon-infused red wine, maple syrup and scorched thyme; and Cosmic Love which has vanilla bean infused vodka, Chambord raspberry liqueur and sparkling wine. They also have a secluded back patio that would make any old romantic’s heart warm––perfect for sharing a bottle of wine over a date! If cute and cozy isn’t your vibe, they also have DJs every weekend, playing your favourite 70’s and 80’s hits and 2000’s throwbacks! Be sure not to miss this hidden gem on Princess Street!


Video games, a Jukebox and karaoke: what more could you want?! If you’re looking for a fun time, Reviveis the place to go! Not only can you absolutely crush all of your friends in video games that are set up at each table, but you can also crank out a bop or two from the Jukebox, dance your heart out and scream-sing your go-to karaoke song on karaoke night! The vibrant energy is contagious and the cheap drinks are plentiful! Revive will quite literally revive your soul, be sure to check it out!

White Rabbit

Another iconic place to drink! Situated in the middle of Uptown, White Rabbits is unique with its double bar––two sides of the restaurant with two completely different vibes! If you go through the door on the right, you’re met with a sleek pub filled with loud music, energetic conversations and a wicked assortment of cocktails! If you go through the door on the left, you’re met with a quaint, classy bar, enraptured by the flickering glow of candles and easy-listening music. White Rabbit could be the place to turn it up a notch with a group of friends or to hunker down in the warm ambience next door––you have options!


Decorated in bright yellow lighting, you can see the sign for Kentucky as soon as you get to Uptown. You must be sure to stop in! With a bit of southern flare, this is the place to spice things up! Enjoy a potent cocktail amongst the lively crowd of students and the company of the friendliest waitstaff in existence or snuggle up around the fireplaces on the patio! Kentucky is always bumpin’ with good music, nights of dancing and boisterous laughter.  It’s definitely one of the busiest spots in Waterloo!

Ethel’s Lounge

Last but not least––I can’t forget about good old Ethel’s. Walking into Ethel’s Lounge is a time warp with its classic diner bar stools, retro posters and mustard-yellow walls. This is my go-to place for a lot of occasions, whether that be chatting for hours with friends, catching the end of a sports game or doing Jäger bombs to celebrate the end of exams. With a variety of local beers and scrumptious cocktails, it’s the perfect place for easy drinking and a good time! Ethel’s Lounge should 100 percent be on your list of places to swing by for a pint of beer, a good laugh or a place to catch up on all the tea with friends!

As soon as you have time to relax, and chuck mid-term season in the “fuck-it-bucket,” head out and celebrate! Enjoy a time for yourself, good company or a night of dancing at the best places to drink in Waterloo! Cheers!

Ashley Barry

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Hey hey! I'm a first-year student at Laurier, working towards my BA in English. I'm an avid reader, wine consumer and vinyl record collector. I also enjoy long strolls through the bookstore — always at the expense of my bank account — and attempting to make Pinterest-worthy lattes with my espresso machine. I'm a passionate leader and writer and am ecstatic to be part of Her Campus!