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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

It’s the end of another school year, and while this is the fifth time I’ve experienced this since coming to university, it feels much different than times past. While I’ve had to say some tough goodbyes to important people in the past couple of years, it did not really prepare me for this, because how do you say goodbye to a life-changing experience? That’s what I’m trying to figure out now, as I get ready to depart Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier after seven unforgettable semesters. I can’t help but reflect on the incredible memories I’ve made, and in doing so, have a lot of thanks to give.


I joined HCWLU in Winter 2018 as an editor, a position I would hold for three semesters. I loved getting to work with writers and help them convey their ideas as clearly as possible. It was really fun seeing what topics they would write about each week, and I was constantly learning new things from them. I also really enjoyed contributing to the club in other ways, whether it be by writing articles or attending events and helping with marketing endeavours.

In Winter 2019 I took on a volunteer position with Her Campus Media. I was a Chapter Advisor, meaning I worked with the HC Community Team to oversee HC Chapters and give feedback that would help them improve. This was such a rewarding experience not only because I got to learn a ton about Her Campus and leading a chapter, but also got to make great connections with the Campus Correspondents and staff in the Community Team. While I only got to be in that role for a year, it has left a lasting impression on me as a leader.

I was blessed to be chosen to be co-Campus Correspondent (co-President/Editor-in-Chief) of the HCWLU chapter for the 2019-20 year alongside Sarah McCann. That year was so much fun; we got to continue some fun traditions like our Gourds for the Girls event and Monday night meetings, while trying new things like our Confidence Week and PJ Potluck social. The year didn’t end the way we expected, what with COVID-19 all but shutting us down in March of 2020, but I am so grateful for the time I did have with that year’s team.

After the abrupt ending to the 2019-20 school year, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Her Campus, and happily returned to the co-Campus Correspondent position for the 2020-21 year. Working alongside Chelsea Bradley, we had to navigate a completely virtual delivery of our club’s meetings, events, socials and marketing campaigns – so basically, we were starting from scratch. While being off-campus was not what we imagined when we started planning this year out, it challenged us to try new things. Unique events and socials gave this year a fresh feel, and we introduced some extra endeavours like the book club and alumni groups, which will hopefully carry on past this year! Ultimately we did not let the circumstances of this year hold us back, something I’m immensely proud of.

Giving Thanks

Reflecting on all that the past seven semesters of HCWLU have given me, I need to say thanks to those who’ve made my experience what it was.

My sorority sister Jenna W inspired me to join Her Campus in the first place – her excitement and passion for the club was infectious, which I’m very thankful for! Thank you to Emily, Jenna S and Madeline for setting such great examples of what could be accomplished within the club; I learned so much from all three of you during your respective turns as co-Presidents. I was lucky to have some amazing writers and head editors during those first three semesters, and I’m thankful to have worked with people that made me love editing so much.

The Chapter team at Her Campus was extremely kind and professional. I’m appreciative of how accessible they were through my time as both a Chapter Advisor and Campus Correspondent – whenever I had a question, it was answered normally within a matter of hours. You all work so incredibly hard to support and encourage us, and I’m grateful for all the times you made yourselves available to provide feedback and insight. To Julianne, Lexie, Hailey and Emily, thank you for helping me achieve my fullest potential in both roles. HC chapters are spoiled having such great advisors to work with!

The 2019-20 year was the first time I had such a big leadership role, and there were definitely moments where I was learning in the moment. The entire team, from the general members to the executive members, was so supportive and patient. Thank you for buying in to our goals and making Her Campus such an exciting group to be a part of! And to Sarah McCann, thank you for being an incredible co-President. From the very first time we met up to talk about our ideas I knew we were going to be a great team, and even a year out I continue to be proud of everything we accomplished.

This past year has been unlike any other that the HCWLU chapter has experienced, but thanks to our incredible members, it was still a memorable one. 10PM Zoom meetings could have sucked, but you guys made them amazing. Virtual socials could have been boring, but you guys made them a blast. This entire year could have been all about minimal effort (and we would have understood that, because online learning isn’t easy), but instead you all embraced the changes and made Her Campus into a community. Thank you to all our members this year for your hard work; I am so proud of you all for everything you have accomplished. Of course, a massive thank you has to be directed to Chelsea, without whom I could not have survived this year. Chelsea, thanks for being so dedicated to HCWLU. Your passion for the club was obvious from the moment you joined and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to take on this crazy year with. You are an incredible person and I can’t wait until we can plan an HC reunion and hang out again!

When I joined Her Campus, I knew it was going to be fun, but I never could have predicted that it would be as rewarding as it has been. I wish I could stay in university forever so that I didn’t have to say goodbye to this club, but I’m so excited to see it continue to grow next year. If you’re a student thinking about getting involved in extracurriculars, I can’t recommend it enough – it’s a great way to enrich your university experience. I truly wouldn’t be the person I am today without Her Campus!


Rebecca is in her 5th year at Wilfrid Laurier University.  During the school year, she can be found drinking copious amounts of kombucha, watching hockey and procrastinating on Pinterest. She joined HCWLU as an editor in the Winter 2018 semester, and after serving as one of the Campus Correspondents in 2019-20, she is excited to be returning for the 2020-21 school year! she/her