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These are a few ideas I have come up with for this summer, or all year-round!

Going to the Beach

Going to the beach is a fun activity you can do with your friends and more activities can come out of it such as canoeing, picnicking, going on a hike or swimming.

Attending the St. Lawrence Market

This event has been on my bucket list for a couple years now, but I have never gotten around to doing it. This market is in Toronto and is open all year-round but specifically in the summer. It spreads to a couple streets around Toronto with its fresh fruit, flowers and friendly vendors!

Going to Brunch

Having a later breakfast in the summer is more manageable, as more people want to sleep in. This way, you can still experience the breakfast culture and laughing with friends over brunch.

Going on a Road Trip

Going on a road trip has been on my bucket list for a while. Ever since me and my friends got our licenses, we have realized that we can go anywhere together without a destination.

Having a Bonfire

Having a fire and roasting marshmallows is not as complicated or as difficult to plan as the others but it is still nice to set some time away from your busy life and make s’mores with your friends!

Attending a Food Market

Similarly to other summer markets, a food market is for a limited time only: around one week. They celebrates one culture at a time with their food and diversity, which would be very fun to experience. St Jacob’s market is in Waterloo and has a fantastic five in the atmosphere with the people and vendors. Although I have already been to this market, it is still tradition to go every year.

Going on a Hike

Yes, this is definitely the opposite of tanning, but going on a hike can make you feel motivated and more confident about yourself in the summer. A bonus to going on a hike is that it is cooler in the forest as well.

Experiencing The Solar Eclipse

Although this is more recent, watching the solar eclipse is very rare and is a very fascinating thing to do by yourself or with friends. I love walking around small towns like Elora. They have cute little streets with restaurants and vendors. It is fun to experience a very unique culture.

Overall, these are a few ideas relating to my personal summer bucket list. My goal is to get them all done! I believe creating summer bucket list, even if you do not complete it, is still a fun way to get yourself out of the house during the summer break.

Taylor Harding

Wilfrid Laurier '27

Hello readers, I'm so excited for you to read my work a little bit about me is that I'm currently attending Laurier University as an undeclared (because who really knows what they wanna do), I have two dogs and one cat who I love more than anything, and most importantly, I like to write, its a fun way to talk about aesthetic topics, as well to support other woman in this field :)