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Halloween and romance might seem like an odd pairing, but these are the perfect ingredients for a magical genre known as Spooky Szn Rom-Coms. The genre mixes comedic banter, romantic montages, and eerie scenes to create magical realism that has readers turning pages in anticipation.

Lucky for you, this article is the perfect place to find the ideal Halloween-inspired rom-coms full of spell-casting witches, enemies to lovers tropes, and knee-slapping comedic jokes. 

The Ex Hex by Erin Sterling

The Ex Hex is at the top of the list for a reason. I can’t even begin to explain the chokehold that this book has had on me. The Ex Hex is a dual perspective book that follows the lives of witches Vivienne and Rhys. Vivienne and Rhys have a turbulent relationship before the beginning of the book, which ends with Vivienne nursing a broken heart. To nurse her broken heart, she puts a hex on Rhys, thinking nothing of it, but little does she know her hex causes a series of magical issues years down the road. Rhys returned to the town he left behind years ago to solve a problem with the magic system in the town however upon his return, he is met with horribly bad luck, and he has no idea how to stop them. So, Vivienne and Rhys must team together to fix the magical issue in their town and reverse the hex put on Rhys.  

While my description of the book might lack some lustre, take my word for it and give this book a shot. You won’t regret it.  

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper 

Payback’s a Witch is another young adult novel narrating the misfortunate events of Emmy Harlow. Not only is the plot of this novel one that has readers on the edge of their seats, but the representation in this book is phenomenal. Harper represents the LGBTQ+ community throughout the book with her main characters, who emphasize bisexual characters. Harper also includes people of colour as the main characters in the book. 

So, while the plot of this book deserves five golden, shining, stars, the representation does as well! Payback’s a Witch is different than the other books in this list because there is a love triangle between the three pivotal characters of the book. The best part? The relationship in the book has the perfect amount of romance. The sad part? Your brain and heart will be at war on who to ship together. 

Witch Please by Ann Aguirre 

Witch Please incorporates two of my favourite things: baking and magic. This story navigates the sweet romance between the powerful witch Danica and the human, lovable baker, Titus. Danica is not only a witch but a witch/woman in STEM (talk about a magical powerhouse). Danica wishes to keep her heart guarded up after her latest messy breakup. On the other hand, Titus is a bisexual baker who can’t help feeling cursed after a series of unfortunate events demolished his life.  Witch Please is the perfect read for those who want to enjoy a feel-cute romantic-comedy book about two characters navigating past relationship trauma while battling magical curses and being swept off their feet by this irresistibly sweet romance. 

If any of these spooky rom-coms piqued your interest, make sure you check them out before the end of spooky season!

Mansi Jaswal

Wilfrid Laurier '22

Mansi Jaswal is in her fourth year as an English Major at Wilfrid Laurier. She hopes to pursue a career in publication. When she is not writing for Her Campus, you can find her reading a rom-com, playing with her puppy Leo, or baking.