So You’re Single on Valentine’s Day — Who Cares?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was looking for ideas on what to write that would be on theme. I brainstormed with friends who suggested topics such as Galentine's, single V-Day plans, etc., all of which revolve around being single. 

But as a single person, I didn’t really want to write something like that for fear of coming off as a bitter single person or look sad for writing about being single. Not that anyone else who does comes off that way, it’s just personal anxiety as a perpetually single person who has a billion friends who constantly agonize over my singledom. Since everyone else cares about me being single so bad and I just do not, it makes love-centred things such as Valentine’s Day a little uncomfortable. 

So while brainstorming, I kept thinking ew, that’s not me, nope. I realized I just didn’t want to write about V-Day in general — not because I’m single. It’s just not something I’ve ever really cared about, not while in a relationship and not while single. ​
But there’s this stigma attached to Valentine’s Day when you’re single. Everyone pictures girls desperately searching for dates — or someone to buy them flowers and chocolates. Newsflash people: we’re grown and we can buy our own damn chocolates. I don’t need some boy to do that for me — they probably wouldn’t even get the right kind, so like, what’s the point? ​
Still, I didn’t want to write for this fear of looking bitter about being alone and I didn’t want to write about planning a “me day,” girls’ night — or anything anti-V-Day — because honestly, to me it’s just like any other day. You won’t catch me crying over being alone on this Hallmark-decided day of love. Okay, well, that might not be completely true, I may be crying, but that’s only because I have a big midterm that day. See people? I have bigger problems than worrying about my lack of gifted chocolates on the fourteenth: I have to worry about passing a class that I haven’t done any readings for yet!

I guess you could say I’m just not romantic. I don’t like dates, I don’t like all that mushy lovey-dovey stuff, so the whole concept just kind of makes me roll my eyes. Even if I was happily in a relationship right now, you wouldn’t catch me writing about “The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date,” because I would probably still be at home watching Netflix with my boo. Netflix and chill over everything, am I right? 

But even so, I don’t consider myself a V-Day hater or anything — I just don’t really care! This isn’t to say I think romantic people are lame — or that I’m judging people that love it and are excited for the dates and big romantic gestures, it’s just not for me. 

So, I guess you could say this is a bit of a love letter to single people — Don’t worry about however you feel about Valentine's Day. If you love it, great; if you hate it, it’s just another day, right? Just think about the even more exciting fifteenth of February — when all the chocolate goes on sale. ​
Don’t let the lovers get ya down!