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Setting Yourself Up for the new Term

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A couple ways that really help me focus on upcoming assignments and projects are planning my time accordingly and managing my personal life. These strategies are especially important when you have a lot due around the same time, on top of keeping up with friends and family. This has helped my mental health in addition to relieving the stress and pressures of school.


Looking at the syllabus is a great way to get an idea of what the class is about when assignments are due, and what your professor is looking for. The syllabus also gives you an idea of what you are supposed to be learning in a big picture view. For example, some classes focus a lot on finding sources, while others tone in on other skills. The syllabus also provides information about office hours, which can be really beneficial during midterms and exams.


For me, scheduling is a reward before getting into the new term. I like to plan dates of assignments, essays and midterms. Although looking at this can give me a good idea of what needs to be done first, it can also be very intimidating. Looking at a big list of assignments to do in such a short amount of time can make people doubt themselves. A good way that I like to keep on track is by putting a big green checkmark beside what I’ve done, thus rewarding myself with every assignment that’s handed in.

Time Management

Working around your personal time, the professor’s time as well and your friends’ schedules can make it difficult to keep a work-life balance. Unfortunately, this is very important for your mental health. Keeping a good relationship with your assignments and socializing with friends can be the barrier between burnout. Building off this, it’s good to eliminate some distractions. The biggest one right now would be TikTok procrastination. I can admit this can be difficult while living in the 21st-century. Laurier has a lot of different resources for time management, especially those in the learning services such as writing and scheduling help. A solution I found that works for me is printing off a schedule and highlighting different times in the day for personal time, eating, studying and working.

Therefore, burnout is real, and although you want to get all your assignments in as fast as possible, it is also possible to take into account planning and try to prevent yourself hardship in the future. This can be achieved by planning ahead, studying the syllabus and reaching out for help, especially during midterm and exam season. I hope these tips can help you get a good start to your semester and set you up for success!

Taylor Harding

Wilfrid Laurier '27

Hello readers, I'm so excited for you to read my work a little bit about me is that I'm currently attending Laurier University as an undeclared (because who really knows what they wanna do), I have two dogs and one cat who I love more than anything, and most importantly, I like to write, its a fun way to talk about aesthetic topics, as well to support other woman in this field :)