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Secret Santa Gift Exchange Ideas Everyone Is Sure To Love

I don’t know about any of you, but during the holiday season I love to get a little extra festive. That means hanging decorations, hosting parties, and overall just getting into the spirit. One thing I love to do with my friends every year is a secret gift exchange. This is a super fun and easy way to not only get into the spirit of the holidays, but as well have a great time with your friends. Typically, depending on the specific group of people you decide to do a gift exchange with, there tends to be a budget established. Oftentimes, people find themselves having to get creative with a gift they think their recipient will enjoy while staying within the budget. Luckily I’ve done quite a few of these exchanges, so I’m going to share with you some ideas I’ve come up with to help you out!

Gift Ideas for Her:

Cute Trendy Costume Jewelry

Choker necklaces have become hugely popular throughout 2016, and are extremely multifunctional. Dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down! Your female recipient is sure to love it.

This one can be purchased for $6.90 here

Scented Candles

Alright, who doesn’t love scented candles? This one is a no brainer, and any girl would love one. I recommend one from Bath and Body Works, because there is an endless variety and they do such an amazing job of filling the room with their scent. Not to mention, there are usually sales at Bath and Body Works on their candles.

This specific Candle can be purchased for $22.50 regular price here


Is your recipient a makeup addict? What about a cute lippy from Mac Cosmetics? This particular lipstick is in the shade “0” and any makeup addict would be sure to love a new addition to their collection.

This specific lipstick can be purchased for $21 here


Is your recipient on the go a lot, or do they just simply enjoy new perfume fragrances? Why not a cute rollerball set from Sephora?

This set can be purchased for $18 here

Nail Polish

Does she love to always have her nails freshly done and looking cute? How about a new nail polish?

This one is by Essie and can be purchased for $13.99 here

Fuzzy Socks

Now it is very possible that this is just within the small circle of people that I know, but I personally have never met a girl who does not love fuzzy socks. So, this one seems obvious.

This pair can be purchased for $6.90 here

Gift Ideas for Him:

Rubik’s Cube


Does he love puzzles and games? If so, this is the perfect idea for a gift for him. This can be purchased for $12.97 here

Sports Memorabilia

Is he a man who loves his sports? How about some sports memorabilia? This Blue Jay’s hat is perfect for a Torontonian who loves to support the local sports teams!

This hat can be purchased for $23.99 here

Protein Powder

Does your recipient love to hit the gym? If yes, this whey powder is perfect for him!

This can be purchased for $17.99 here

Beard Oil

Does he have facial hair? If so, beard oil would be a fantastic gift that he is sure to love.

This can be purchased for $24.99 here

There you have it. This is just a small list I put together of ideas I think would be great for any holiday gift exchange. Have fun getting into the holiday spirit, collegiettes!


Rachel Elysha B

Wilfrid Laurier '17

Rachel is just your average Canadian, who's passionate about all things legal when it comes to American politics and how the US and Canada intersect. As well, a self proclaimed yoga enthusiast, fashion consumed and pop culture junkie. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you can probably catch her at the mall, reading up about the latest in the world of globalism and government, and watching beauty tutorials on YouTube 
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