Save the Date for Bell Let’s Talk Day on January 25, 2017

The history of psychological disorders throughout human life has gone through a progressive journey for those with mental illnesses. Unfortunately, an individual living within the 14th century to the beginning of the 17th century was most likely prosecuted as a witch or demon. Thankfully the world began to change its views after doctors and psychologist began using biological, humane, and caring approaches for those with mental illnesses.

Today, there is a widespread conversation that better recognizes mental illness as an active and influential part of our society. Seeing that one in five people suffer from a mental illness in Canada shows how prevalent this issues is in our lives. The world has changed but there is and always will be room for improvement.

Mental illness may not be a pleasant or comfortable conversation to have but, in one way or another, we are all affected by it. This Wednesday marks Bell Canada’s #BellLetsTalk day, the unofficial annual mental health awareness day. This cause is quickly becoming one of the most nationally recognized events for mental illness within Canada.

Bell is excited to present the Bell Let’s Talk Day of 2017 on January 25. On this day Bell will donate 5 cents for every text and call made by Bell service users, as well as all tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook video views and Snapchat geofilters tagged #BellLetsTalk towards mental health initiatives within Canada.

Bell Let’s Talk Day is creating an amazing opportunity for Canadians in so many different ways. The positivity and support received by this event has created a bigger impact than ever expected. This campaign has not only created a conversation about the stigma surrounding mental illness but has actually expanded the average person’s views of what a mental illness really looks like. Hands-on outcomes resulted from Bell’s efforts include better work place opportunities for those who struggle with unemployment due to their mental illness. In addition, Bell has supported agencies to take action at local hospitals and universities with the purpose of provided support for those in need. Overall, this day is an incredible day for the progression of mental illness within Canada.

So, take the time on January 25th to share your story about how mental illness has affected you or someone you know. Reach out with support to others who may have similar experiences with you. Show your love in whatever way you know how because we are all going through this together.

Bell is eager to beat its 2016 record of 125,915,295 interactions for Bell Let’s Talk Day. Let’s help them and ourselves, make it happen!

Stay Golden and support Bell Let’s Talk on the 25th! #BellLetsTalk