On the Rise Artists That Are Worth Listening to

Just like many others, I love listening to music. I especially love finding new artists that maybe aren’t as popular yet and sharing their songs with my friends. The artists in the following list mainly create indie/alternative music but a few different genres are mentioned. If that’s your style, keep reading.

Bad Suns

Bad Suns are my all-time favourite band. They create indie rock music. While they have some bigger hits such as Cardiac Arrest and Daft Pretty Boys, they are still fairly lowkey, especially with their latest album “Mystic Truth,” which was released in 2019. They have three albums, with their first one being released in 2014, and they show off incredible music with each release. I also got to see them live last year and their music is definitely worth listening to.

The Academic

The Academic have been around since 2013 and are from Ireland! They have three albums with their newest being released in 2018 called “Tales from the Backseat.” Their music is mainly indie rock. Some of my favourite tracks include Why Can’t We Be Friends and Bite My Tongue. However, they also released two singles in 2019, so a new album seems to be on its way.


JAWNY, also known by his previous stage name Johnny Utah, is definitely one to watch. His song, Honeypie, went viral on TikTok, a popular video-sharing platform, and he has since released a few other singles including 4Tounce. While he doesn’t have many songs out currently, it’s clear that he is on the rise as fans fall in love with his bops. Fun fact: JAWNY and Doja Cat (another musician who has had a few songs go viral on TikTok, including Say So and Juicy) used to date.

Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike definitely isn’t underground, but he is another musician on the rise. His style of music is mainly alternative R&B, although he does play with different genres. His song, 3 Nights, has over 25 million views on YouTube and over 378 million streams on Spotify. Despite this fame, his other songs are also worth listening to and deserve the attention that 3 Nights got. My favourite track that he has released is The King of Everything. He only has one demo out currently, released in 2018 and titled “Don’t Forget About Me, Demos.” He has released a few singles since then, lifting his fans’ hopes that an album might be on its way.

John Eatherly

John Eatherly is definitely the most underground and on the rise artist of all the artists mentioned here. As of right now, he only has 7 released songs, all of which are singles and all were released in 2019. The song that caught my attention is All My Love because it sounds so beautiful that I paused in my tracks the first time I heard it. He creates indie/pop music.

I love all the artists mentioned here and while only a few are mentioned, there’s definitely so many more that deserve the attention that mainstream artists get. Artists not on the Hot 100 list are just as much worth listening to as the artists on it.