Recycling Clothes: A Guide to Consigning, Selling & Donating

Spring cleaning, moving out and packing completely suck, and if you’re anything like me you realize that half of the clothes you brought to school sat untouched in your closet or stuffed at the bottom of your drawer. Rather than packing those up and moving them back home where they’ll hide in a closet for eternity, make some extra cash and get rid of your clutter. Sounds too difficult? I’ll break it down.

In KW region, there are quite a few different consignment shops around that you can sell your name-brand, trendy or fashionable clothing items to. Plato’s Closet is one consignment store with locations in Kitchener and Cambridge that will buy your trendy clothes in exchange for cash, or you can spend your earnings on some new-to-you fashion. You can walk in without an appointment, so it’s easy to do on a whim when you’re running errands.

In Cambridge, a consignment store called The Patch runs a similar operation, besides the fact that you need to pre-book an appointment. Just like Plato’s, you can sell your clothes for cash or buy yourself something you actually want.

If you’ve got a little more patience, Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace are great ways to sell clothing, accessories, unused makeup, purses, you name it! However, because you have to respond to messages, deal with people bargaining and trying to meet with you, as well as personal safety concerns, it’s a lot more work. BUT, if you’ve got some big-ticket items, you can definitely make more money on Kijiji or Facebook. 

Last but not least, DONATE! The worst thing you can do with your clothes is trash them. Someone somewhere could use your clothes. Donation boxes are all over the place. Some good ones are Diabetes Canada boxes or Goodwill!