Reasons Why University Students Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Christmas

We love the Christmas season because it reminds us of the existence of those warm fuzzy emotions, like joy and happiness.

We hate it because some genius thought it would be a great idea to put the most stressful time of the semester right before Christmas. It’s almost as if the Grinch were trying to steal the Christmas spirit from all of the students across each university campus.

We love it because we know 12 Barz is coming to town.

We hate it because we are stuck waiting for the magic of Christmas to come save our asses from writing that 8-page report.  But it doesn’t.

We love it because the holiday season provides us with justifications for partaking in activities like decorating the house with your roomies, baking cookies, and of course, watching Christmas movies all night long.

We hate it because during the holiday season it requires an enormous amount of will power to detach ourselves from Christmas activities and focus on the work that’s killing us on the inside.

We love Christmas because knowing that we are going home to our family and friends is one of the biggest motivators to getting through our exam season.

We hate it because at some point or another we all have Grinch like qualities as we attempt to get through the last few weeks of exams.

We love it because the idea that Christmas is soon approaching gives us comfort and the mind-set that no matter what happens with regards to our grades, Christmas isn’t going to fail us.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Her Campus Wilfrid Laurier!