Questions I’ve had While Watching Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl came out eleven years ago and changed all our lives forever. However, as glorious as the world of Blair Waldorf and fancy galas was, there were so many things that never added up. In this article, we will go through each of the seasons and the many questions I’ve had.

Season One: 

1. How are all these sixteens year-olds getting into bars and getting drinks?

2. How do you have sex in a limo without it being uncomfortable — especially if it’s your first time?

3. How did Nate suddenly become the boyfriend of the year?

4. How was Blair ever the bad guy in her Chuck-Nate situation — she was single!

5. Why was Jenny so obsessed with Blair, but then obsessed with taking down Blair? Little J really needed to stay in her lane through all six seasons!

6. Where did Georgina disappear to and then reappear from? 

7. Why did Dan literally sleep with Georgina like two minutes after his breakup with Serena?  

Season Two:

1. Was Nate trying to go to jail while kissing an underaged Jenny?

2. How did Cece decide to ship Dan and Serena, after trying to ruin things during her coming out party?

3. Why did Chuck leave Blair because he was becoming a good person — what rational human doesn’t want to be a good person?

4. Why was Blair dating someone who looked like a dad?

5. Why did Rachel Carr have a personal vendetta against Blair — just let the poor girl go to Yale!

6. The Gossip Girl creators just had to introduce the Ms. Carr and Dan angle, huh?

7. Serena and Dan break up, but who’s upset?  Not me!
8. Chuck and Blair finally got together, but who’s upset? Not me!

Season Three: 

1. Why did Serena have to act like she didn’t want the paparazzi attention?

2. When the hell did Chuck Bass get hot?

3. Is Jenny a goth now?  Mom, it’s not a phase!!!

4. How did Georgina escape her Bible camp?

5. Is that Lizzie McGuire?

6. How did Blair end up in Columbia, of all the places on Earth?

7. Does Serena have a toxic boyfriend kink?

8. What the hell was that Thanksgiving episode and how do I sign up for an invite?

9. The only thing that made this season my absolute favourite was Serena and Nate, but Dan just had to ruin it all?

10. How is Jenny going to have sex with Chuck and then cry about it and then ruin Chuck and Blair for everyone?

Season Four:

1. Juliet Sharp — was she even needed?

2. How do you even hear about things like the Hamilton House?

3. Are Serena and Blair the most iconic besties?  Yes!

4. This season was a whole flop and nothing could save it — or could it?

5. Eva was really cute and she deserved better, but #chair forever, am I right?

Season Five:

1. Was this season really needed — what was the entire storyline?

2. Dan and Blair? What the hell were the creators thinking?

Season Six:

1. I think everyone can agree that this season was rushed, horrible and not worth it — can I get an Amen?

2. Why was Chuck and Blair’s wedding the least Chuck and Blair wedding ever?

3. How was Dan Gossip Girl — just how?

4. Did anyone else think Gossip Girl was Dorota?

Overall, I still watch Gossip Girl all the time — and I mean I’ve watched it at least ten times over and over. I will never stop loving Gossip Girl, despite the trillion plot holes and cliché lines. If you haven’t watched Gossip Girl, make it a point to watch it. If you have watched Gossip Girl, well, watch it again!