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Public Libraries are Changing and It’s So Important

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

You could say that my love for libraries runs deep. Like a lot of children, I spent my youth taking trips to the library to check out books and rent DVDs. When I was in high school, I volunteered with my public library’s teen advisory board and children’s programs. After my first year at university, I came back to the library as a summer student, coordinating a literacy and maker program. However, it wasn’t until this past summer that I fell in love with libraries all over again and realized that most people don’t even realize what they’re missing out on! 

It’s not just about books anymore 

Most libraries have so many free programs for any age. From ancestry and genetics, film and television, health and wellness, all the way to 3D printing and laser cutting. If you have a passion, chances are there’s a program for that! 

However, if you are looking for books … 

Libraries are a wealth of knowledge — and some will even deliver books right to your door. Or if you prefer a digital copy, there’s audio and e-books that work anywhere in the world. As an English major, I borrowed all the novels I needed this term from my public library and saved $300. So, students, before you go to the bookstore and drop all your savings, check if your public library has a copy. Not only will you get the text for free, but you don’t have to worry about reselling the book next semester. 

Libraries are a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs

Libraries are a hub for innovation and the best resource for anyone interested in starting their own business. Not only are there trained professionals to answer your every question or direct you to books that might, but there is also a ton of equipment at your disposal. Want to start an Etsy business? You could build your website, create promotional videos and make your products all at the library. 

Most importantly the library is for everyone 

No matter your background or economic standing, libraries are a safe space and an inclusive environment. Public libraries offer diverse programs and services for all members of the community especially students. 

Golden Hawks, support your public libraries and take advantage of these awesome services!

Emily Waitson

Wilfrid Laurier '20

Emily is a twenty-something fourth-year student majoring in English and History. She has a passion for writing, internet-famous cats, and sappy books.
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