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PowerPoint Presentation Topics For Girls’ Night

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

My friends and I had a PowerPoint presentation night a few weeks ago over zoom, and I think it’s safe to say that it was seriously the most fun zoom call I have ever attended. We spent the entire night laughing and crying at our absurd PowerPoints. The whole gist of a presentation night is to create a PowerPoint about anything you’d like, and I mean anything. Then, just as you would in school about a topic that you have no true interest in, present the PowerPoint. It is honestly one of the most fun things you can do with your girlfriends during these times. So, I have compiled a list of PowerPoint topics in hopes that it will inspire some of you to plan a presentation night with your girls!

How the girls would die in a zombie apocalypse

Each slide describes how each girl in the friend group would die in a zombie apocalypse. Make sure to include details about their strengths and weaknesses throughout the apocalypse itself.

Rating each of our Exes

This is a personal favorite of mine as I chose it for my girls’ night and spent hours trying to perfect it. All you need to do is rate each of the girls’ past boyfriends, hookups and honorable mentions. It is important that you make sure the exes you rate are not recent or from a relationship that ended horribly or else the night may be ruined. I even went as far as looking through old text messages from six years ago to find some dirt from the breakups. I found screenshots of tweets and text messages as well as old couple photos that I added to each slide. This one is risky as it can bring up some sad or cringe-worthy moments, so make sure each girl is COMPLETELY over their ex.

Where we will be in 10 years

Think about where each of the girls will end up in 10 years. Maybe some will be married with children on the way, while others are traveling the world. You can even find an app that ages each of the girls’ faces and attach it to each slide!

Trivia Night

Trivia but with a twist! Only ask questions about iconic moments and events that happened to you or within the friend group.

Best/Worst drinking nights

For this presentation, you must have a strong memory of each of the girls’ best/worst nights of drinking. This is a perfect presentation if you have compiled a massive collection of drunk videos and pictures. You can rate how each girl is when they are drunk and give an honorable mention to the best drinker of the group at the end.

The Best ____ Of All Time

Fill in the blank with anything you are passionate about. This could be a TV show or movie or maybe even a fast-food restaurant. This one is totally up to you; you can make slides about anything you want to talk about.

Assigning Characters

Make sure for this presentation that most girls in the group have seen the TV show or movie of your picking. Then assign each of the girls a character and why they are each individually like this character. For example, if I chose the show How I Met Your Mother, I could explain how my friend is so much like the character Ted Mosby because she is always looking for the love of her life and takes a long time to tell stories.

Ranking ____

This one, again, is up to the imagination as it can be about anything you have a passion for or you think would be funny. I saw the funniest one the other day that was ranking Disney dads which included Bobby Ray Stewart and Mr. Incredible. Fill the slides with reasons as to why they have been ranked accordingly.

Hot Takes

This one is risky as it may result in your friends hating your guts due to your weird opinions. Each slide has a different hot take which is basically an unpopular opinion that may be semi-controversial. For example, a hot take would be that Harry Styles is overrated (which obviously no one would ever say because it is Harry Styles) or that cats are better than dogs. Hot takes include anything that you believe to be true and you must explain your reasoning. You can also add a voting system to see which girls agree with you after you’ve done your explaining.

Celebrity Look-Alike

This one is pretty straight forward, all you need is to find a celebrity look alike for each of the girls. My friend Leah did this for her presentation and added why each of the girls would become famous and it was so accurate and funny.

Conspiracy Theories

Be creative and come up with individual conspiracy theories for each of the girls. Use a personality trait or a weird fact about them and make an entire crazy conspiracy theory.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking about what you can do for your presentation night! All in all, if you haven’t already, I highly suggest planning a PowerPoint presentation night with your girls. I hope some of these topics inspire you. Have fun creating your presentations!

Maya Allen

Wilfrid Laurier '23

Maya is a third-year communications major and global studies minor. Her passions include traveling, helping others, staying active, cooking and Harry Styles.