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Planting Succulents that Won’t Die

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wilfrid Laurier chapter.

With spring upon us, that means succulents are coming into season!  I know the common belief is that you can’t kill succulents, but that’s so false.  After multiple failed attempts, I can say that I ended up killing multiple succulents… and I’m not proud of it.  However, because of those failed attempts, I have learned the secrets to successfully keeping a succulent living its best life.  Follow these steps on how to plant and take care of your succulent properly!

1.  Find a cute pot, glass or mug to plant your succulent in. 

Make sure it is a decent size for your specific succulent! 

2.  Next, buy your supplies!

You will need:

Specialized dirt for succulents and cactuses

Small rocks



Spray bottle

3. Time to get planting!

4. Wash out your pot

Make sure it’s clean, especially if it’s served other purposes before.

5. Put sand at the bottom of your pot.

6. Put a layer of rocks over the sand, to help with water drainage.

7. Then add a layer of charcoal, which also helps with drainage.

8.  Next, add your specialized dirt in.

9. Plant the succulent in the dirt, and make sure you separate the roots.

10. Spray with water using a spray bottle when the soil is dry.

Following these steps will allow for your succulent to live its best life!  Allowing for proper drainage is the key to your success.  It is important to not overwater the succulent, as they do not do well with lots of water, hence the specialized materials to prevent your plant from drowning.

Happy planting!

Hi! I'm liv! I am a second year comm student at Laurier! I love writing, petting my dog Molly and drinking chocolate milk! To find similar content checkout my youtube channel @liv kelly
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