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Perfume Recommendations Based On the Occasion

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There is no better feeling (at least in my opinion) than getting compliments on how you smell. Perfumes can be both headache-inducing and intoxicating and can communicate emotions along with personality. I, like many others, am very particular about my scent I get bored easily with scents and easily get fragrance induced headaches. As someone who is extremely interested in all things hygiene and beauty, I have been on a years-long search for the perfect perfumes., Throughout this process, I have discovered my favourite scents for different occasions.  

For Everyday: Sailing Day by Replica 

This is a new one that I splurged on, after smelling a sample of it at my friend’s place. It just smelled so clean; I knew that at the next Sephora sale, I wouldn’t be able to resist. It smells like sea breeze with a hint of musk, so I would definitely call this one unisex, and very fresh. It is perfect for running errands, or a long day of sitting in class (since we’ve all experienced the headache that is sitting beside someone who’s perfume is just way too strong).  

For Dinner with Friends: Si Passione by Georgio Armani 

Si Passione is one of my favourite perfumes ever and I can’t even pinpoint the scent. According to the internet, it’s a fruity floral scent with notes of blackcurrant, rose and vanilla, but I’m not sure any of those really resonate with me. Then again, I have no clue what blackcurrant is, let alone what it smells like, so I could be mistaken about its absence from this perfume. This is one of those fragrances that is instantly recognizable. According to my friends, it has now become my signature scent, which is something I’ve always wanted.  

For a Vacation/Summertime: Vanille Banane by Comptoir Sud Pacifique  

Now, I feel like I need to warn you that this one is a hit or miss for people. I personally love the smell/taste of artificial banana, so this is right up my alley, but I do recognize that I’m in the minority for that opinion. I would describe this as smelling like yogurt and sunscreen (but in a good way I swear), whereas online they describe it as warm and sweet gourmands with notes of banana, banana leaf and vanilla. I would strongly recommend smelling this one in store before ordering it online, but personally, I love it.  

For an Interview: Not a Perfume by Juliette Has a Gun 

This is one of those sophisticated perfumes that make you seem like you have your life together, which is the exact sense you’d like to communicate in an interview. It’s also quite mild, so you won’t give the person you’re being interviewed by, a splitting headache, ruining your chances. Juliette Has a Gun is another scent that I have trouble describing, but it’s apparently warm woods with notes of cetalox (synthetic ambergris) … whatever that is.  

For a First Date: Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere by Philosophy 

This smell is the more sophisticated older sister of a sickeningly sweet vanilla perfume you would’ve gotten from Pink or Victoria’s Secret in middle school. It has that sweet vanilla opening note, but it balances that sweetness with a little musk (almost like a whisky smell). It’s both alluring and sweet, and so it will capture the attention of your date instantly.  

Ultimately, perfume is very personal, and preference varies from person to person. As long as you aren’t that person who layers on the grandma fragrance and annoys everyone around you, I bet you smell great.  

Kate Price

Wilfrid Laurier '26

Kate is a business administration (BBA) student at Wilfred Laurier University. While business has always been what she wanted to study, she has a passion for writing about all things beauty, pop culture, true crime, and health and wellness. You can usually find Kate watching a new Netflix documentary or hanging out with her two dogs, Mabel and Gracie.
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