An Open Letter to People Who Complain About Everything

Please, can you stop? Take a second out of your so-called “miserable” life and read carefully.You spend so much time complaining about the things you cannot change and then continue to spread your negative energy to those around you.

Have you ever thought to just stop and smell the freaking roses?

Your life could be SO much worse and even you know it. So, why spend your entire day screaming about the person in front of you who’s walking too slow or complaining that your professor won’t extend the deadline on the essay you’ve known about since the beginning of the semester?

You’ve been told before that there are so many people in the world suffering more than you, and yet you ignore this and continue to complain. Instead, try to continuously remind yourself that you are alive and healthy and should be enjoying all this life has to offer you.

I have made it my goal to complain less in 2018 and after two months, I feel like an entirely new person. I have stopped worrying so much about the things I can neither control nor change, and instead have tried to enjoy all the amazing things I am so extremely blessed to have. It’s not easy to let go of the negative energy we love to consume, but it is extremely liberating.

Give it a try, Negative Nancy. I’m sure you will thank me later.