My Experience Moving to Vancouver from Ontario After My Undergrad

Moving is something that I hate to do. In my whole life, I have only ever moved once and that was when I came to Laurier. However, I have finished a double major a semester early, and in early January I will be moving to Vancouver, British Columbia to be with my boyfriend. The process of moving has been difficult and here is why.

1. Saying Goodbye

My last month in Waterloo was difficult for me, as I had to say goodbye to all the friends that I have made both at school and at work. It was very difficult scheduling time to hang out with all my pals in such a short period of time. To manage my time and ensure I saw everyone, I would schedule group dates. These group dates would range from going to sushi to going on Christmas lightshow walks in Victoria Park. When I returned to my hometown for a few weeks, it was time to say goodbye to my best friends. This has been extremely difficult for me to do, as I have known these people for years. But it is important to remember that laughs were had, tears were shed and the memories were cherished.

2. Packing

My least favourite part of this experience was the packing! If you are like me and love to collect gifts or have a ton of clothes, then packing is extremely difficult. Going home for a few weeks before moving was helpful with packing, as I was able to go through my old childhood bedroom and all my stuff that I dragged home from university. If you are a How I Met Your Mother lover, then you will understand my reference of Ted Mosby, the fanny-pack dork. I used Ted’s philosophy of, ‘if I have not used the item or worn the piece of clothing in the past year, then it gets donated.’ This philosophy was extremely helpful when it came time to pack up much of my life into two carry-on suitcases and two large suitcases.

3. Obtaining a Job

I started applying for jobs in November, which was a mistake. I received numerous calls back, but no one wanted to hire me or even give me an interview because I was nowhere near moving there. But this did not discourage me. As the date drew closer, I still put my resume out for the world of Indeed to see. This time, the calls back turned into over-the-phone interviews, which led to scheduling in-person interviews. The advice I can give when applying to jobs that are across the country is: DO NOT GIVE UP! Use the skills you develop in school from joining clubs, getting good grades and working hard. Someone will eventually take a chance on you!

Overall, making a major move is a big and stressful change for anyone. But moving is also a time to collect and find yourself, as you are transitioning into an adult. If you or any of your friends are moving just remember that moving is not a goodbye forever, it’s a see you later.