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I’ve always loved a good rom-com, but I haven’t felt like watching one lately until I saw all the hype surrounding “Anyone but You.” I was so excited to watch it and it honestly exceeded all my expectations (so much so that Unwritten has been added to the getting ready playlist). But what this means for me is that I’m officially back in my rom-com era just in time for Valentine’s Day. My roommates and I were talking about our favourite rom-coms, which then turned into talking about our dream rom-coms. So, here are the ideas that I came up with for my dream rom-com.

The first thing that I decided on was who would star in the movie and there was only one pairing that immediately came to mind. Obviously, it has to be Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. This may or may not stem from my obsession with The Hunger Games, but it’s easily justifiable. First of all, they already have great chemistry, both in person and on screen, from their years spent working together. A few other reasons to choose Jennifer Lawrence include that she’s funny, she recently starred in another rom-com and the most important one is that she has the same name as me. The reasons for casting Josh Hutcherson are that he’s a good actor, he can speak Spanish and he’s my celebrity crush. Plus, it would give us a Josh and Jen reunion which I so desperately want.

Usually, rom-coms either have a lot of romance or a lot of comedy, but not a good balance. To achieve dream rom-com status, it should be equal parts rom and com. Another must is that there shouldn’t be a predictable third act breakup. That’s so blah! Just let them be happy together. Give them any other conflict to work through except for a breakup because that’s just annoying in my opinion. There are a lot of tropes that I would love to see in movies, but there are also a few that I tend to avoid at all costs. The tropes that I don’t want to see at all are the love triangle and pregnancy tropes. All I’m asking for is a fun trope, and these two tropes are just not fun enough. My most important quality in a rom-com is that the main characters have good banter. If their conversations don’t have me giggling and kicking my feet, then I don’t want it! With all this being said, I don’t care about the specifics of the plot as long as it has all of my rom-com must haves. The only specific plot point that I want in this rom-com is the main trope being fake-dating.

It may not be a whole lot of ideas to go off of, but I’m not super picky when it comes to rom-coms. As long as it has the few things that I want, I’ll eat it up every time.

Jennifer Gibson

Wilfrid Laurier '25

Jennifer is a third year Business student, minoring in Psychology, at Wilfrid Laurier University. Her career goals are to pursue anything that is in a creative field. She loves reading, dancing and hanging out with her friends.